SATURDAY 30 APRIL 2022, 4:00 PM



  • The residents of Mariupol are in danger from cholera, dysentery and E coli.
  • Putin has refused three requests to organize humanitarian corridors from Mariupol.  This includes evacuating people on a ship with a Vatican flag. 
  • Explosions in Odesa.
  • Attack on Odessa airport have made the airport not functional.
  • The Moskva was nearly the length of two football fields and protected by three layers of air defense.  How could it have been targeted?
  • The Kremlin has not invited any foreign leaders to the May 9 ceremonies.


  • An exchange of war prisoners.
  • A column of cars marked with UN logos has arrived in Mariupol.
  • Occupation authorities in Crimea will stage a rally to make it seem as if Crimean Tartars support Putin.
  • Russian troops shelled the entire front line in Donbas.
  • Norway joins in sanctions by closing borders, ports to Russian trucks and ships.
  • In Mariupol people are being forced to clean the streets in exchange for food.


  • Denmark to supply Ukraine with dozens of armored personnel carriers, mortars.
  • Russia hires criminal gang to plot provocations and riots in Odesa.
  • Russia has made itself uninsurable.


  • Olga Tokariuk: Pope Francis reached out to Putin three times asking for a ship with a Vatican flag to be allowed to evacuate civilian trapped in Mariupol.
  • New York Times:  Strikes inside Russia.  Noone knows who is setting the fires. 
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