THURSDAY UPDATE: Ukraine, Corporate Media Pablum


Podcast: “Gaslit Nation” Interview with Anne Nelson.  How the Evangelical Right exploited the anti-democratic nature of our electoral system to get us where we are. 

MSNBC: The Last Word

Last night, Lawrence O’Donnell made the wonderful point that even though Republican members of the Supreme court don’t care about our privacy, they sure as hell care about their own. 

70% of the population does not agree with what the Supreme Court is doing in overturning Roe.  For the first time in the history of the country, the Court is taking away a constitutionally guaranteed right.  And this will not be the end.  The right to an abortion depends on an area of law involving privacy.  Once the assumption of a legally protected sphere of privacy is thrown out, all our privacy rights are jeopardized. 

What the right did, over four decades, was to see the anti-democratic nature of the U.S. electoral system and capitalize on it.  They exploited the fundamental anti-democratic nature of our electoral system (See Anne Nelson’s book).

If you want to listen to how we got here, listen to the interview with Anne Nelson on Gaslit Nation Podcast.  Or, read her book “Shadow Network.”

Random Notes:

Corporate news keeps interviewing members of Congress as if any member of Congress is going to say anything that hasn’t been approved and focus group tested and guaranteed to be meaningless.  Why waste our time?  Last night, Madeline Dean refused to even say that Alito and the other Republican members of the court had committed perjury in their confirmation hearings. 

The corporate media has tired of the devastation in Ukraine.  This morning’s coverage consists of congratulating the U.S. for giving Ukrainians intelligence that led to the killing of generals.  The focus is not on the devastation and the fact that the Russians occupy a fifth of the country and are likely to keep it.  The focus is on the “positive.”  There are endless human-interest stories, for example, the legless bride dancing with their husband.  It is not as if this is not important, but any intelligent discussion of the war and what led up to it is replaced by endless variations of personal stories. 

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