UKRAINE UPDATE: Germany is clearly delaying

10 JUNE 2022


  • From January to April, Germany increased imports from Russia by 60% and transferred almost 6 billion euros to Moscow.
  • The British citizens who were captured by the Russians were sentenced by a Russian proxy court in eastern Ukraine.
  • EU should grant Ukraine a candidate status. (Note: They should make Ukraine a member.)
  • A base of the mercenary group Wagner was destroyed in Luhansk.
  • An entire unit of Russian mechanized troops deployed near Kharkiv has refused to fight due to loses that it was previously born.
  • The global food crisis caused by Russia’s attack on Ukraine is likely to spark a new migrant crisis.


  • Countries opposing Ukraine being granted EU status are Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands.
  • Russia is transferring grain from Ukraine to Russia.


  • Zelensky: “Some Western politicians and media are starting to prod Ukraine towards ending the war on unfavorable conditions for us.”
  • Former German Chancellor Merkel refused to admit that Berlin’s Russian policy had been wrong.  (Note: Jesus).
  • According to Der Spiegel, Scholz is “clearly delaying” security assistance to Ukraine.
  • “German policy became a mis of incompetence and lack of will, seeking to hide behind its allies.”

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