UKRAINE: THE LATEST Podcast from the Telegraph

  • The Ukrainians are looking for points of weakness in the Russian forces.  We should see a love of movement in the South.
  • The Ukrainians need to deny the bridges for heavy military equipment but leave them open to civilian traffic.
  • The export of the grain out of Ukraine has to occur with Russian “permission.”  The Russians will try to get concessions in exchange. 
  • Lavrov is saying that they are going to expand the war aims.
  • There is a real problem with insuring these ships
  • We should expect more attacks on Odesa. 
  • The big story is the effect of the HIMARS.  The accuracy is very good.  It has reduced the Russian artillery to a trickle.  It has made a marked difference.
  • Lavrov has said if the West continues to supply the HIMARS, they will expand the war. 
  • This is the sixth month of the war.
  • Zelensky is saying that Ukrainians are advancing into Kherson. 
  • Zelensky has made some remarks about the air defense systems that are needed to counter the Russians.  They need air defense weapons and have not received enough of them.  The equipment has not arrived.
  • Zelensky also announced that at the peak of the fighting the Ukrainians were losing 200 soldiers a day.  This has decreased now.
  • There are debates about what information to release about losses. 
  • A cease-fire with Russia that does not allow Ukraine to have back formerly taken territories by the Russians is unacceptable.
  • The Russians are trying to reconnect with the international community and also benefit financially by the grain deal.  It enables Russia to grandstand in Africa, presenting themselves as the savior of African lives. 
  • Diplomacy is a weapon for the Russians.  It is something that will buy them time. 
  • Germany has turned off streetlights and is rationing energy.  The EU is suggesting targets at decreasing the use of energy for all members regardless of their dependence on Russian oil and gas.  France is against uniform targets in reduction.
  • France and Germany are usually together on policy.  This represents a break.
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