UKRAINE UPDATE: Crimea, Zaporizhzhia, Nuclear Power


There are fears today about operations around the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.  The Russians had previously refused to allow the UN to bring in inspectors into the area.  On Friday, Putin told Macron that he would allow these inspections.

Putin is blaming the Ukrainians for shelling the plant.  CNN is doing a “both sides” are claiming this and that.  Jesus.  It is situated on a river and on the front lines.

The UN is saying that they want the area to be demilitarized.  Russia is saying this is impossible.  The Russians are shelling towns near the power plant.

There is a potential for a nuclear disaster in Ukraine, but 90% of the corporate media coverage is about the minutiae of the Trump story.  Every day, they get different people to say the same things over and over.  A war, a potential nuclear disaster, and all they can do is gossip about Trump and both-sides the situation in Ukraine.  It is disgusting.

1:30 Ukraine

  • People are leaving the area around the plant.
  • Shelling has come at night.  People are bracing for tonight.
  • They are saying that Russia intends to disconnect the plant from the power.  Pregnant women are leaving the area because of special vulnerabilities to radiation.
  • Putin agreed to inspector with Macron, but when, how?
  • (Note: CNN is covering tips for people to avoid getting cancer.  It is just too much).
  • This is Europe’s largest nuclear power facility.

Euromaidan Press:

  • The Russians are plotting a provocation at Zaporizhzhia. 
  • Germany has been refusing to provide more heavy equipment for Ukraine.

Ukraine World

  • In surveys, Zelensky has a 91% approval rating in Ukraine.
  • 72% want to join Nato
  • Ukrainians don’t want to cede any territory to the Russians.
  • August 24 is Ukrainian Independence day
  • UN Secretary General Guterres called on Russia not to disconnect the Zaporizhzhia NPP from the Ukranian power grid.
  • Reporting coverage in the Washington Post, Yanukovych and Medvedchuk gathered in Belarus in early March ready to form a puppet government in Ukraine.

New York Times

  • Putin is accusing the Ukrainians of risking a “large-scale catastrophe” by shelling the plant.
  • Ukrainians say that Russian troops are stationed there and they are shelling Ukrainian positions across the Dnipro River.
  • The Ukrainian nuclear energy company said that the process of disconnecting power lines from the plant is a complicated and risky process.  The process would be intended to divert power to Crimea and Russia.
  • They would have to shut off the power and therefore put the cooling systems on diesel generators.
  • Workers there are operating under duress.


  • Reporting that there is no “independent” verification of the story at Zaporizhzhia.  “Russia, Ukraine blaming each other”


  • Strikes in Crimea for the second night in a row.
  • Day 177 of the invasion of Ukraine.

UKRAINE THE LATEST, The Telegraph Podcast

“Nobody’s going to break us.  We are strong.  We are Ukrainians.”

  • Four blasts in Crimea at the air base.  People operating behind enemy lines.  Brave people. 
  • (Note: Black Fleet commander replaced)
  • Belgorod, in Russia north of Kharkiv, there have been blasts at an ammunitions base. 
  • It appears that Ukrainian special forces are operating.
  • Activity in the Kerch bridge on the east of Crimea linking to Russia.  Russian defense fire noted, but we don’t know what they are firing at. 
  • Russia has been losing a lot of tanks.  ERA, bolted to the tanks, may be faulty.  When rounds hit it, it seeks to push away the incoming round.  Either ERA boxes are not working, or they are not being maintained.  The explosives may have been sold as well.  The estimate is almost 2,000 tanks lost.
  • The Black Sea Fleet is essentially nullified. Planes destroyed. 

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