CPAC, Russia, Transnational Crime

Monday 3 October 2022

The Transnational Crime Syndicate 

CPAC is now openly distributing Russian propaganda.  In a tweet now removed from their website, CPAC criticized “gift giving to Ukraine.”  In this tweet a graphic showed eastern provinces of Ukraine as Russian territory and included a Russian flag.  CPAC is claiming that the tweet was “unauthorized.”

In a tweet issued as explanation for the first tweet, CPAC claimed that Trump had “averted” a Ukrainian “crisis” and “American taxpayers should not be shouldering the vast majority of the cost” of the war against Ukraine.

CPAC blamed a “time zone difference” for the tween and their failure to remove it. 

CPAC held their last convention in Orban’s far-right Hungary. 

Tucker Carlson is a regular purveyor of Russian propaganda.

The right is part of a transnational crime syndicate that includes Putin and the Russian oligarchy.

Commenting on MSNBC, James Stavridis characterized himself as being “perplexed” by CPAC’s position.  He then claimed that there is “bipartisan” support for the Ukrainians.  Stavridis argued that the tweet “implies a division” that he doesn’t believe exists.  But this division certainly does exist and has been adequately demonstrated.  Tucker Carlson regularly broadcasts Russian propaganda about the war.

The CPAC tweet stayed up for 12 hours complete with graphics.  The tweet accused the Ukrainians of occupying their own territory and the graphic included a Russian flag.

The failure, or refusal of commentators like Stavridis to recognize the fact that Republicans have chosen to be part of a transnational crime syndicate, enemies of democracy, supporters of autocracy and corporate crime ensures that the fight against the enemy will be that much harder.

Corporate Media

The corporate media is falling all over itself tonight condemning the “racist” comments about Mitch McConnell’s wife.  As usual, they are covering the soap opera and therefore covering up the crime.  What they should be covering is the corruption that was involved with Elaine Chao’s administration and McConnell’s and Chow’s corrupt financial connections.  

(Note: Mitch McConnell deserves everything he gets for climbing into bed with Donald Trump.)

Twitter Chatter

  • People are trying to get as much money as they can out of banks in Russia.
  • Men are trying to leave the country to go anywhere just to get away from the draft.
  • The Russian newscaster who held up a sign protesting the invasion of Ukraine has disappeared and is being sought.


  • Needed weapons for Ukraine are being held up by the Biden Administration.
  • The fresh hell of a new Supreme Court session is upon us. 


  • Zelensky is warning the west that waiting for Putin to use a nuclear weapon before responding is irresponsible.
  • Putin has claimed four Ukrainian territories as Russian and now vows to use nuclear weapons to defend this “Russian territory.”
  • Almost as soon as Putin claimed the territory, Ukraine took back parts that Russia had occupied briefly.
  • The Ukrainian offensive is crucially important and must be supported before the weather changes and it becomes easier for Russian gains to become the status quo.
  • Ukraine is moving in the east to recapture territory and also, significantly, in the southeast.
  • A Ukrainian hospital has been attacked, almost destroyed, in Kharkiv.
  • Lithuania supports Ukraine joining NATO.

The Sell-Out of America

  • Congress went home for YET ANOTHER recess before voting on a bill that has immense support from people but (wonder why?) not Congress: a total ban on members of Congress trading stocks, bonds and other investment products.  (See The Nation)

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