Convicts Thought to be from Wagner Group Escape in Ukraine


  • Six convicts escaped from a training camp in Ukraine run by the Wagner Group.
  • Russian authorities posted leaflets around Rostov-on-Don warning residents.
  • The men were thought to have escaped on 22 December.
  • They are likely from the new batch of recruits specifically signed up from prisons.
  • Head of the Wagner Group, Progizhin, toured remote prisons in Russia to recruit drug dealers and murderers.
  • In November of 2022, the Wagner Group released a video where one of their fighters was smashing in the head of a deserter with a sledgehammer.  (Note: They have also mailed a sledgehammer to officials.)
  • Prigozhin praised the video.
  • Prigozhin said about the escapes: ““Many villains are being detained whom you don’t even need to know about. So sleep well.””
  • The Wagner Group has been accused of human rights abuses in the Middle East and in Africa where they also functioned as proxies for the Russians. 
  • A mercenary was arrested in Rostov in December after escaping. 

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