Monday 2 January 2023

Ukraine: (BBC)

  • Donetsk attack by Ukrainians.  Hundreds thought dead.
  • Figures for the dead are at odds between those reported by the Russians and the Ukrainians.
  • Eastern Donetsk attack.  Ukrainians say 400 killed and 300 wounded.  A school was being used as a base by the Russians.  Russian reports on state media is that HYMARS were used.  Russians are saying that 15 were injured.
  • Russian military bloggers are saying that hundreds have been killed and wounded.  Base was being used for conscripts.   There has been a lot of anger, saying that Russian commanders should be punished.  Some of them say that 1000 conscripts were there waiting to be deployed.
  • This could be the largest attack with casualties in the war.
  • Another night of attacks on Kyiv, civilian population. 
  • Global prices are higher because of the war especially in Africa.  Some of Africa has strong ties with Russia and Wagner Group has been operating in West Africa.
  • Demonstrations in support of Russia have occurred in Mali, there is waving of Russian flags and chants of anti-french sentiments.  French forces fighting extremism have withdrawn.  The American ambassador to the Ivory Coast has commented on the Wagner Group involvement in the region.  “We cannot exist in the same space as those groups who do not respect human rights.” He said.  “the presence of Russian mercenaries in any country…has become poorer and less secure…they are not very good fighters and they commit terrible human rights abuses and they are just a destabilizing force.”
  • A UN vote to condemn Russia’s actions divided the participants, half voted in favor, 17 abstained, Eritrea voted alongside Russia. 
  • The House passed a bill to counter Russian investment in Africa.
  • This may have alienated some.  Some consider it unfair to punish African countries for associating with Russia economically. 
  • The African Union has avoided taking sides in the war.

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