Ukraine Update

9:00 AM

  • Keir Simmons just called Putin “delusional.”
  • Vindman:” These objective were clear to me months ago.”  Shocked at how limited the attacks have been. 
  • Kyiv Independent: Belarus launches four ballistic missiles. 
  • 2-3 million refugees are expected if this continues, MSNBC
  • Video of cars lined up to leave Kyiv.
  • Poland is gearing up for refugees.  They are going to Western Ukraine.  Another package of sanctions is not going to get Putin to stand down.  Melinda Haring.
  • Stavridis, Adm. James on MSNBC: Fear miscalculation on the ground. 
  • Gen. Jack Keane, Fox News: Putin has chosen the most ambitious option h had available tohim.  Multiple focus points.  The will install a pro-russia government.  Seize key terrain, then install government.  Dnieper River has a dam.  Putin is trying to minimize civilian casualties? He knows the whole world is watching.  Operating on four different axes of advance. 

1:30 PM

  • Olga Lauman notes that “pro-Russian separatists” is a totally misleading term.  These groups were created and maintained by the Russians for this very purpose.  Kremlin File Podcast.
  • Belarus needs to be sanctioned as well.
  • Chuck Todd is talking about Putin’s “paranoia.”
  • MSNBC has a tank on the set.  Even if it’s computer generated, it’s so tacky.  I’m from the South.  That’s the only word I can think of.  Cheesy, cheap, tacky.
  • Anti-war protestors in downtown Moscow.
  • I couldn’t understand why Biden wasn’t on television last night.  Then, they announced he would speak at 9:00, then at 12:00, now at 1:30.  Sanctions?  SWIFT?

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