Ukraine Update: 3:30 AM (EST) 9:30 Ukraine

Ukraine Update: 2:40 AM

  • MSNBC has video of Russian tanks entering Ukraine.
  • McFaul: We kept dreaming about negotiating with Putin.  It’s the “worst case scenario.” 
  • McFaul: NATO Rapid Response Force should be mobilized
  • Tur: Brings up the “unhinged” charge. 
  • McFaul says that Putin is increasingly “disconnected from reality.”  Note: Based on what evidence?
  • McFaul: It seems that Belarus forces are involved in this invasion as well.  Sanctions are not going to work.  “We should have no illusions…” 
  • MSNBC, video of traffic jam in Kyiv, line of cars trying to get out.  Standstill
  • CNN: Missile strikes in Kyiv, Russian troops have landed in Odessa. 
  • There are reports of tanks entering Ukraine from Belarus, but doesn’t tell us where in Belarus.
  • Putin calls it a military operation to protect Donbas and says that it is not an occupation.
  • BNO is posting a map of Ukraine showing attacks reported.  They are all over the country, in the interior, not just in Donbas.  Also, there are attacks near the border with Moldova where Russia controls part of the country. 
  • BNO is posting a video of a missile hit at the airport in Ivano-Frankivsk.
  • Note: I can see this “Putin is going to self-destruct” narrative on corporate news outlets.  This is a convenient narrative.  If Putin is going to self-destruct, the U.S. doesn’t have to make any hard choices on what to do.  The logical outcome of this reasoning is that we can just sit back and let Putin self-destruct.  This is delusional.
  • BNO News is reporting “hundreds” of Ukrainian soldiers killed.
  • BNO: Russia’s Defense Ministry is claiming that Ukrainian air defenses have been “neutralized.”
  • BNO: “Luhansk announces military operation to seize other areas it claims in eastern Ukraine.”
  • BNO: Moscow stock exchange says al trading suspended.
  • Ukraine’s foreignminister: “Putin has just launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.”
  • Harrogate News is reporting a strike near Chernobyl.

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