Putin is a “madman”: Delusional Wishful Thinking

Last night on MSNBC,  Amyn Mohyeldin joined the “Putin is a madman” narrative. 

Mohyeldin admitted that he and Nina Khrushcheva (Khrushchev’s great grand daughter) were skeptical about Putin’s intention to invade.  I have no idea why.  Despite all the intelligence, they thought Putin was not going to invade. 

Khrusheva now claims in a new article in the Globe and Mail that Putin “no longer seems capable of the calculations that are supposed to guide a leader’s decision-making.”  “Putin joins a long line of irrational tyrants.”

Thus continues the invented narrative repeated again and again on CNN and MSNBC and now joined by Michael McFaul. 

The “Putin is a madman” narrative serves a number of interests.

  1. If Putin is a madman, nothing we could have done in the years before (when McFaul was in the government) could have prevented this situation.  All the Obama administration officials and the Trump officials are absolved of responsibility because who could have imagined a manman would invade Ukraine.
  2. Severe sanctions will not deter a mad man, incapable of rational thinking or response.
  3. If a madman is running the war effort in Russia, more logical minds might intervene and overthrow Putin.  Therefore, the U.S. woldn’t have to do anything, just wait for the Russians to remove Putin. (Good luck).
  4. If we are dealing with a madman, no logical steps we can take will make a difference, therefore, why try.

I think this “Putin is a madman” narrative (based on zero evidence that I have heard is dangerous wishful thinking. 

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