UKRAINE UPDATE: To the Anti-war Left – PLEASE.

12 Noon: Ukraine


  • “When tyrants say they are going to do something” you should listen.  This is Nikki Haley talking about Putin.  Biden is not doing enough, according to the Russian collaborators on Fox News.
  • Haley advocating harsher sanctions while the leader of her party, Trump, praises Putin.
  • Note: These Republicans know that their base is filled with morons who can’t even see the hypocrisy of Trump’s, the Republican party’s and the NRA’s collaboration with the Russians and their current statements.


  • Note: I couldn’t care less about spending hours of coverage in the middle of a war on what Biden MIGHT say in the State of the Union address.  Frankly I dread having to listen to this speech.  I know it will make me furious.


  • “What are you going to be watching for?”  CNN also is spending time, while Ukraine is under attack, speculating on what Biden may say tonight.  Waste of time.


  • Russia is temporarily banning western companies from exiting Russian investments.  Note: I don’t know how this is possible?


  • “War is stupid” is a slogan not a proposal for action.  Ukrainians are begging for help and this is the answer? War is stupid? 
  • If you are a pacifist, I understand, but to just close your eyes to 200,000 troops amassed around a country, military attack on a country whose people by themselves forced a Russian-puppet to flee back to Russia, is not an answer.  It’s an abnegation
  • I have a historical update for those of you who think Russia is a “communist country.”  Russia is controlled by an oligarchy put in place by an authoritarian.  The economic system is a rabid, Wild West capitalist economy where there are no restraints on stealing and appropriating property that formerly belonged to the people.  This is the system that Republicans are trying to establish in this country.  If you fight Republicans you must fight the Russian government right now.
  • “You are supporting people who profit from war.”  Yes, people profit from war.  I don’t like that, but right now, that’s how it is.  Does that mean we throw up our hands and give up and allow the oligarchs to take over the country?  Do you expect Zelensky to throw up his hands and allow Putin to take over Ukraine because somebody might profit off the weapons he’s asking for?
  • Do you seriously think that Zelensky can negotiate his way out of this war?  When Zelensky first came to power, he thought he could reason with the Russians, negotiate a resolution to the Donbas.  He found out he was unable to do so. 
  • “You are listening to MSM.”  This was said by somebody who refuses to believe Trump was connected to Russia.  To him, the connection was all invented by the MSM.  People, just look at the evidence.  Simply because something is said on MSM doesn’t mean it is necessarily false.  You have to look at all kinds of sources and make the best judgements you can.  Just listening to people like Glen Greenwald is not looking at evidence.  It is a refusal to look at evidence.

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