Update Ukraine: 5 PM in Kyiv

When did it get to be March?

Reporter on Twitter, following this Ukraine story like all of us, says he feels guilty when he goes to bed because he feels he is abandoning the courageous Ukrainians.  We feel much the same.

Update Ukrains:

  • The Russians have announced that they are planning on attacking civilian areas in Kyiv.  
  • It’s 5 PM in Kyiv.
  • Air raid sirens are going off in Kyiv. 
  • There is, according to Clarissa Ward, CNN, in Kyiv fear that after the Russian announcement they are going to be more indiscriminate in firing on Kyiv.
  • There is a 40-mile-long military convoy approaching Kyiv.  It is feared that this convoy is intended to cut off the city just before air raids and the taking of the city.
  • It is now estimated that 660,000 people have fled Ukraine.
  • Shehyni, Ukraine on the Polish border, reporting by CNN, many nationalities mostly men, have been waiting for days trying to leave Ukraine.  The “Ukrainian line” is mostly women and children and that line is moving more quickly.  This distinction between getting out women and children and getting out male foreign workers is being used to argue that Ukraine is a racist country. 

From Ukraine World @ukraine_world

  • TV tower in Kyiv hit, may be problems with internet and TV access.
  • Attacks close to nuclear power plants are violations of Geneva Conventions.
  • Civilians in Melitopol stop a Russian military convoy with their bodies.
  • Reports from the Ukrainian government that Russia plans to distribute false information that the Ukrainian government has surrendered. 
  • Two cruise missiles hit Freedom Square this morning.
  • UN diplomats walk out of a speech of Sergei Lavrov.
  • Belarusian troops are said to be advancing across the northern border of Ukraine and joining fighting.

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