Ukraine Update: An “off ramp”, preemptive capitulation, we only fight when we are guaranteed to win.

FRIDAY  3/4/22

MSNBC: Nicolle Wallace

  • Rich Stengel is talking about giving Putin an “off ramp.”  Why are people still proposing that?  What in hell do they propose to offer?  Putin, Stengel argues, can save face and withdraw.  And what in hell is Stengel proposing we offer Putin to get him to do that?  Ukraine?  Putin doesn’t want an off ramp.  He is getting what he wanted.
  • Arms Control Expert: Ukraine would like to draw us into this conflict.  Note: Well I guess so.  Their country is being invaded and bombed.  So, according to this expert, we should refuse to get involved and just allow Putin to take over Ukraine.     
  • Zelensky Statement: “If Ukraine can’t win, Europe can’t win.” 
  • Ukrainian member of Congress, Kira Rudik:   She is asking: What are they thinking? Condemning Putin?  Sending a very, very angry letter from the UN?  Who believes that is going to help?  We will fight him.  “We need the protection from the air.” 
  • Rudik describes the situation as: “Hell on earth.” 
  • Note: The west has proved Putin’s point for him.  Fledgling democracies have no chance.  No one will come to defend them.  They might as well give up.  Putin’s message: All your work and your struggle will be useless.
  • Can someone explain to me why Nicolle Wallace is asking the Ukrainian congress woman whether she has used her gun. 

MSNBC: Ari Melber

  • NATO Planes could lead to a “full-fledged war.”  Says Anthony Blinken.  What the hell does he think is going on now?


  • Reuters is reporting the results of a poll showing that 74% of Americans support a no-fly zone.  Note: I certainly do and the most mild-mannered friend I have also supports a no-fly zone.


  • In an article in “Vox” Zack Beauchamp writes that when the U.S. implemented a no-fly zone before, it was always when the opposing forces were vastly inferior, such as in Iraq Bosnia and Libya.  Those calling for a no-fly zone are expressing a “catastrophic idea.”
  • Beauchamp accuses those calling for a no-fly zone of being stuck in a 90’s era mindset.  “Russian force would fight back,” he maintains. 
  • Note: So, the only way we should enforce a no-fly zone is when we are guaranteed to succeed.  If the opposition will fight back, we should stay out of it.  This is an unapologetic assertion of preemptive capitulation.  It is impossible that this is not part of what Putin is counting on.
  • “Putin all but openly vowed that an international intervention in the conflict would trigger nuclear retaliation.”  So, according to Beauchamp, either the Ukrainian people are expendable or we now live in a world where Putin and any other nuclear power can do what it wants.
  • “As horrible as the war in Ukraine is, no rational or responsible American leader could risk the destruction of the American homeland – and quite possibly the entire human race – to stop it.”  So, what we have now admitted is that we are prisoners, willing to sacrifice anyone including ourselves.  Open the door and admit Vladimir Putin and any other autocrat who chooses to walk through. 
  • Note: This is a horrible, convoluted, idiotic article.

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