Ukraine Update: Ships, threats of assassinations, Russian propaganda, graphic videos, Coca-Cola




•          The Russians seem to be focusing on the south of Ukraine where they are being more successful. 

•          There are large ships in the area of Odessa.

•          Lindsey Graham once again, assists Putin’s effort to destroy democracy.  By calling for Putin’s assassination, he has provided Putin with a propaganda video that will be shown over and over in Russia.  Have people like Graham done things that are so bad they will entirely sell their souls and their countries to cover it up?


•          A nuclear expert is saying that he heard spokespeople trying to calm people down about the risks of the attack on the nuclear plant in Ukraine.  He reports that he was alarmed.  Never has a nuclear facility been attacked. 

•          Showing video of Yakivlivka, Ukraine, after four Russian air strikes.  “Warning Graphic Video” is at the top of the screen in red.  Bodies, wrapped in covers, put in the back of a truck to be hauled away.  Another body of a man wrapped in a coverlet. 

•          Note: The media needs to show the reality of war, not sanitize the death and destruction.  People are picking through the wreckage of a village that tried to provide refuge for people fleeing other regions. 

•          Russia is attempting to close down any media source that puts out  negative information within Russia about the war.


•          Mariupol desperately needs a green corridor.  They are without water, food, light, heating, communication.  Dead civilians are laying on the streets because there is no way to collect them. 


•          Coca-Cola continues to operate in Russia. 

•          A lawmaker, Shufrych, a member of the pro-Kremlin Opposition Platform party was detained because he was taking photos of a Ukrainian checkpoint in Kyiv.


•          Russian state regulator announces it has blocked Facebook in Russia.  CNN is reporting other closures and penalties for publishing negative information about the war. 

•          “Russia’s state Duma approves bill criminalizing the encouragement of foreign sanctions, punishable by up to three years in prison.

•          Moscow Stock Exchange to remain closed until Wednesday.

•          Russia seizes control of Europe’s largest nuclear power plant.  (Note: There have been posts about the troops who have been put in charge being from Chechnya. 


•          Olga Tokariuk, a Ukrainian journalist, is posting the absurdly low numbers of entities sanctioned in the UK and the US.  (Note: When Luke Harding was asked in a radio interview if he was surprised that the British had lagged behind others in Europe in sanctioning, he burst into laughter).

•          Hanna Hopko, another Ukrainian journalist, is posting about this war creating a global food crisis because of the amount of food Ukraine exports especially wheat.

•          Alexander Vindman is tweeting: “The NATO contribution to support Ukraine is minimal. We have provided insufficient support to play a meaningful role in negotiation. If/When we get to negotiations, the U.S. will be on the sidelines.”

•          Zelensky: “I don’t want Ukraine’s history to be a legend about 300 Spartans.”

•          Kherson in southern Ukraine is on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe.  Russians do not let humanitarian convoys in. 

•          Gasprom share prices are collapsing.

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