Ukraine Update: Notes



•          Moldovans are moving West in fear that they too will be invaded. 

•          Note: Russia controls the eastern part of Moldova, much like they control the Donbas.  The region is called Transnistria

•          McRaven is not supporting the no-fly zone.  It would expand the war instead of containing it, he says.  Note: The Ukrainians might disagree.

•          McRaven is suggesting that the Ukrainians have a good chance of winning.  So, like in Afghanistan, we are going to blame the population if they lose. 

•          McRaven has evidently said in the past that Putin has “outplayed us” but, now he is saying; “Putin has lost.”

•          Smerconish is asking the “Putin is a madman” question.  McRaven is saying that before this he would say Putin is a “rational actor.”  He says it’s hard to tell whether he’s imbalanced or just miscalculated. 

•          You don’t have to attack a nuclear facility, just turn off the electricity so that it can’t cool. 

•          Russians are employing more mercenaries.           


•          Washington Journal: Ryan Evans, War on the Rocks, answering questions.

•          “risks escalation” if you implement the no-fly zone.  “It would create more human suffering…”  Note: Glib statements without any evidence.

•          “Putin drank some of his own kool-aide.”

•          Note: This notion that Putin has done a “remarkably incompetent war,” and that he will defeat himself, or that the Ukrainians will do our job for us, or that one of the Russian inner circle will take Putin out, is very convenient.

•          “I think he miscalculated but that doesn’t mean he’s irrational or crazy.”  Yep, exactly.


•          Latvia has been a member of NATO for 18 years.  Permanent Rep. to the United Nations on MSNBC. 

•          Tiffany Cross Show: The Mueller Report cited Russian interference in 2016.  Trump was doing the work of Putin.  The narrative of white supremacy that characterizes Putin and Trump. 

•          Olivia Troye had “Havannah Syndrome” (HS).

•          Miles Taylor, experienced HS as well.  U.S. intelligence says that it caused by “directed energy.”  Why did they feel emboldened to do this to U.S. citizens?  Trump’s failure to respond. 

•          Nayyera Haq: Instances of Russian cyber warfare.  “Opens the us up to cyber attack.”  Note: We have already been attacked as she has just pointed out. 


•          Mariupol evacuation has been cancelled. 

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