UKRAINE UPDATE: The Wagner Group, Visa and Mastercard, War Crimes


  • Russia is going to send in 1,000 more mercenaries.
  • Note: The mercenaries allow the Russians to be more brutal and attempt to escape credit for it.  The Wagner Group is a mercenary group used all over the world by the Russians.
  • Note: I just heard for the second time a CNN narrator questioning the morality of holding heads of state responsible for war crimes.  The head of state, he reasons, might not know about the war crimes.  What utter bullshit.  If you live in a housing project and your grandchild’s friend brings some dope over and smokes it you can be thrown out of your home and arrested.  Nobody whines about whether you knew. There is no functioning legal system in this country for the rich.
  • There may soon be 5 million displaced people in Ukraine.


  • Visa and Mastercard suspend Russia operations.
  • There are reports that Russian forces are going door to door in Kyiv suburbs executing people.
  • 71% of Russians support the war against Ukraine.
  • Massive civilian resistance in Kherson.
  • Protests against Russians in Melitopol.
  • North of Kyiv, there is no electricity, water. There is massive destruction.


  • Mariupol has been blockaded and denied a humanitarian corridor.  The city is without electricity for 400,000 people.
  • Shell continues to buy oil from Russia.


  • Mig Greengard points out that Russia couldn’t or didn’t bother to surround Grozny or Aleppo.  They just bombed them into rubble.
  • Zelensky: “Every meter of our Ukrainian land won back by protests and humiliation of the invaders is a step towards victory for all of Ukraine.”
  • Halya Coynash: Russia is forcing Ukrainians from occupied Donbas and Crimea to fight in its invasion of Ukraine.
  • Alexander: Posting a video which he says shows Ukrainian children being taught to be Nazis.  “…it’s got worse since then.”  Note: The Russian bots are hot and heavy tonight.


  • According to Ukraine’s armed forces, the Russian paramilitary group, Wagner Group, set up a base in the southern Russian city of Rostov-on-don.  They are recruiting mercenaries to fight against Ukraine.  Reported by the Kyiv Independent, 3/5/22
  • Note: The Wagner Group is a Russian paramilitary group used by Russia all over the world.  They provide a way for the Russian government to deny culpability in activity by saying the mercenaries aren’t government forces.  The Wagner Group has a reputation for brutality.

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