UKRAINE UPDATE: Yanukovych, Luke Harding, Putin’s stability, No-Fly Zone


MSNBC: 4 pm

•          A dozen cities shelled to dust in Ukraine. 

•          People are without water and heat and food.  They are freezing to death while they are being shelled and cannot leave shelters.

•          There is no trust for the humanitarian corridors because of the shelling of them by Russian forces.

•          Interview with Cal Perry.  Lviv, Ukraine.  The Ukrainians are showing interrogations of POWs on TV.  They are young boys.  Ukrainians are moving from shock to disappointment to anger.  When reporters say, a no-fly zone could cause  WWIII, Ukrainians say, where do you think I came from.  “The anger is starting to creep in.”   (Note: If we fail to stand up and defend, fight for the Ukraians, there is no moral high ground for us in the future.)

•          There is more talk on MSNBC about Putin’s failures.  (Note: This is self-serving.  The elites in this country want to believe that Putin is going to defeat himself, that we don’t have to fight for them.  People in this country are more concerned with their careers than stepping up and helping save democracy.)

•          Zelensky: Putin is in an information bubble.

•          It the truth was reaching the Russians there would be more protest according to Nicolle Wallace.

•          Putin’s stability being asked about by Wallace AGAIN.  Along with the “Putin will defeat himself” narrative, the “Putin is a madman” narrative is one the corporate media spends an incredible amount of time pumping.  Both narratives are an excuse for not doing anything.

  • When asked by Wallace about Putin’s “stability,” Katy Kay, another light-weight, answers that the Russian representative before UN said today that Ukrainians were shelling themselves.  (Note: This is an example of the Russian information campaign, not evidence of mental illness.  In fact, it is smart and evidently in regions of Russia where this is the only information, working.  A woman related a story of being in Ukraine and arguing with her mother and father who are in Russia.  The parents would not believe her when she said that there was a good chance that she would be killed by Russian bombs.) 

•          Now, Jeremy Bash is saying that “stepping over the NATO line” would be “irrational” for Putin.  (Note: A few days ago, all these commentators were saying that Putin invading Ukraine would be “irrational.”

UKRAINE WORLD @ukraine_world (Note: This is one of the best twitter feeds out there and they also have a very interesting podcast.  Go back and listen to the podcasts that were made before the invasion.)

•          Kharkiv is under airstrikes now.3:40 PM  4:40 PM the airstrikes were described as “massive airstrikes.”

•          Staying at home for people is dangerous.  (Note: For those disparaging people trying to save their beloved pets, the Cubans learned during hurricane evacuations that people will not leave their homes without their animals.  If you want them to evacuate, you must allow them to bring their loved animals.)

•          Chernihiv is experiencing a horrible humanitarian crisis.  There is no gasoline to leave the city.  People have been shot leaving.

•          Retweet from Volodymyr Yermolenko (In Ukraine): To those who have claimed that the Maidans have been “paid” by the “Western curators,” who is paying Ukrainians now, fighting with their hands and their bodies?

•          Bakery shelled by troops in Makariv, Kyiv.

•          Former Ukrainian MP who fled to Russia is on Russian media urging Zelensky to transfer power to Viktor Yanukovych, dictator ousted in 2014.  (Note: If you want to read the history of this determination to reinstall Yanokovych, which goes back years, read Luke Harding’s book, “Shadow State.”)


•          U.S. sending additional troops to Europe.  (Note: How about a no-fly zone, or as Zelensky asked, how many people have to die before a no-fly zone.)

•          Two oil depots in Zhytomyr Oblast on fire after air strikes.

•          According to Reuters, U.S. may ban Russian oil imports without Europe.  (Note: Europe is dependent on this gas, we are not.  We can afford to do this.)

•          The state company that runs Chornobyl, says that after staff refused to participate in Russian video, Russians dressed their troops up in uniforms of the French company that evidently manages the site.

•          Canada imposes sanctions on 10 more individuals.  (Note: The U.S. has only imposed sanctions on 10, 10, oligarchs. Pathetic.)

•          Man arrested in Dublin for backing a truck through the gates of the Russian embassy. “I want the ambassador and his colleagues to leave this country,” he said.  (Note: I love the Irish.)

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