UKRAINE UPDATE: Evacuation routes, Corporate media, What Putin is experiencing


•          The Russians want to use the evacuation routes as targets according to military commentator on CNN.

•          Kimberly Dozier on CNN.  This tactic (attacking routes) creates fear and distrust of evacuation routes.  Men will escort women and children because they don’t trust the routes. This will leave less men to fight.  It makes Russia look as if they are cooperating with a humanitarian effort.  She notes the “image fatigue” of Western populations.  (Note: This is a pathetic statement.)

•          There are now calls for “humanitarian” no-fly zones.

•          Military expert argues that there is no such thing.  Talks about a “level of desperation” experienced by Putin.  (Note: I am so tired of listening to people tell us they know what Putin is experiencing.  First, I don’t care and second, they don’t f…king know.)

•          Biden announces a banning of Russian oil.  (11:25 AM).  Some of the European countries cannot afford to do this, they import more oil. 

•          Zelensky: “We are looking for the help of the civilized nations.”  “Please make sure that the Ukrainian skies are safe.”  Speaking to the UK Parliament.



•          Fox is, of course, after the Biden announcement about cutting off Russian oil, blaming Biden for the increase in the price of oil and maintaining that the Biden administration is blaming Russia and the invasion for the increase in prices.


•          The Irish Times reported that the UN had told its employees not to use the word “war” to refer to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  The UN denies this.

•          UK to phase out Russian oil imports by the end of 2022.

•          27 Foreign policy leaders urged a limited “no fly zone.”

•          Belarus conducted phishing attacks against Ukraine.


•          ALJAZEERA publishes a Ukraine War summary.

•          Refugee numbers have reached 2 million.

•          Moscow threatens to close a major pipeline to Germany.  Note: This was the purpose in the first place).

•          Ukraine says that it has killed more than 11,000 Russian Troops.

•          Access to what’s going on in Ukraine is increasingly difficult.  People we have followed on Twitter in Ukraine have gone silent.

•          Corporate media is reporting that Biden is “increasing troop strength in Europe” BY 500 soldiers?  The media is just outrageous.

THOM HARTMAN, The Hartman Report, March 7, 2022

•          If houses had solar panels, the cutting off of central power sources would be less devastating.  Germany and California are requiring this on all new construction.  (Note: But still Republicans and scum like Joe Scarborough are back to the “Drill Baby Drill” narrative.

•          Centralized power generation is not a reliable wad of money that for-profit companies can appropriate after the Republicans allowed them to privatize the energy business.  They are no longer reliable (See Texas).

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