Ukraine: Morning Update Notes



  • Russians are bombing the humanitarian zone in Mariupol.


  • All the usual suspects following along with the “too risky” narrative for the jets from Poland.
  • Jane Harmon is on Way Too Early.  The war is going very badly for Putin.  Harmon supports (surprise, surprise) the Biden administration refusal to implement a No-Fly Zone and transfer of Polish jets.
  • Turkey is a NATO member. 

UKRAINE WORLD @ukraine_world (One of the best podcasts about Ukraine

  • Lavrov admitted that the shelling of the maternity hospital was deliberate in a press conference in Antalya.
  • Lavrov once again said that a ceasefire was only possible if Ukraine accepted Russia’s demands.
  • Ukraine’s president’s office is saying that there are enough Ukraine soldiers in Kyiv to make encircling the city impossible. 
  • Mariott, Hyatt and Johnson and Johnson are still operating in Russia.
  • Intercepted calls from Russian soldiers describing the loot they are bringing home, liquor, TV’s, speakers from Ukrainian homes. 
  • Interview with Zelensky: “We can’t stop alone in this.”  “It’s still very slowly.”  The people from Europe and the United States are far from Ukraine.  “You are not fighting here.”  “If you are united against this Nazism you have to close (the skies).”  “Close the sky.”  Tell the parents who lost their children.  “Sorry, we didn’t do it yesterday, one week ago.  We didn’t push Putin, we didn’t speak with him a lot…we did nothing.”  “Yesterday the world did nothing.”  “What does mean worse, for whom?”  “In future, you will be too late.”  “They will close the sky, but we will lose millions of people.”
  • Kuleba, Minister of Foreign Affairs, is warning that reserve diesel generators have only a 48 hour capacity to power the Chornobyl.  After that, cooling systems for spent nuclear fuel will stop, making radiation leaks imminent.


  • Ukraine has proposed a humanitarian corridor from Mariupol.
  • There have been reports in Russia that Ukraine is experimenting with COVID.
  • Now seeing “o”s on Russian tanks.  It is thought this means that the tank came from Belarus.
  • Russia is claiming that reports that it bombed a children’s hospital is “fake news.”
  • 300,000 citizens are trapped in Mariupol.
  • UK sanctions 7 Russian oligarchs (Abramovich, Sechin, Miller, Kostin, Tokarev, Lebedev, Deripaska).
  • Retired Ambassador Francis M. O’Donnell supports a no-fly zone.


  • My twitter feed is full of Russian bots.  Russian bots are starting to follow me.  Most of them I block.
  • Olga Tokariuk (@olgatokariuk) Journalists choose to forget that Ukraine gave up nuclear weapons in exchange for security assurances from the West and Russia under the Budapest memorandum in 1994.  Some in the EU want Ukraine to surrender so that they will have a buffer state between them and Russia.
  • “Ukraine has, is not and will not surrender.” Kuleba after speaking with Lavrov.
  • FSB active analyst translated by Igo Sushko @igorsushko:  1) there is a threat of famine due to the destruction of wheat, 2) the FSB is being blamed (inside Russia) for a faulty analysis that led to the invasion, 3) no one knew that this war was going to be launched, 4) when possible repercussions of such an invasion were analyzed, it was only theoretical, we thought it was just so some bureaucrat could check off something in his list, 5) “no one prepared for these sanctions, 6) Kadyrov, head of the Chechen government, was very upset over reports that an FSB operative tipped off the Ukrainians about an assassination attempt on Zelensky, 7) had Zelensky and his deputies been captured in the first three days they would have been forced to read an address announcing their surrender, 8) a newly installed government will be overthrown in three days, 9) mobilization inside Russia would implode, 10) We have lost contact with major divisions, we don’t know what is going on inside of Ukraine, 11) “In June, there will be no economy left in Russia.”

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