• Director of the Kherson Drama Theatre, Oleksandr Knyha, was kidnapped this morning. 
  • The video from Mariupol looks like WWII Germany
  • In Kharkiv, more than a thousand high-rise buildings have already been destroyed.
  • Zelensky appeals to Japan for more economic sanctions.
  • Zelensky also noted that the UN Security Council had not been effective.
  • The EU approved an agreement with Ukraine to allow it to share classified information such as satellite images. 
  • Poland is considering expelling 45 Russian diplomats suspected of working for Russian intelligence.
  • Phosphorus bombs are reported to have been in use in Hostomel-Irpin.
  • Putin aims to block Russian citizens’ departure from illegally annexed Crimea.

TWITTER: Alexander Vindman

  • Alexander Vindman has posted a letter from the UK defense attaché at the Moscow Embassy, Carl Scott.  Scott notes that it is incorrect to say that “no one expected this aggression from the Kremlin.”  Scott served as defense attaché from 2011-2016. 
  • Scott notes that at that time “the long dark march to war was obvious…We reported the inevitability of conflict….with the despair of Cassandra….The evidence of Putin’s chosen path was never concealed.  His many declarations  were meant to be heard and understood: the colossal rearmament programme, the demand for more complex, more lethal weaponry; the militarization of society; the distortion and seizure of the popular narrative; domination of education, the media and the courts to exclude contrasting views and ultimately, the alienation and destruction of those among the Russian people who understood the folly of his declared ambition.” 
  • “The list is remorseless, and the consequences could not be ignored.  But they were….It was only when I returned to the UK on the eve of our withdrawal from the EU, a manoeuvre which greatly emboldened those in Moscow, that I understood how our society had changed…”
  • “All was subjugated to the City, all served the interests of our lucrative status as a safe haven for corrupt, and corrupting, wealth. The values we were demanding of other nations had long since faded from our own actions.”

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