Ukraine Update

THURSDAY 24 MARCH 2022: 1 pm


  • The new sanctions are targeting the defense industry in Russia.
  • Ben Rhodes: (Note: It’s always interesting to hear what Ben Rhodes has to say.  I think he’s one of the few people who has a soul.)  We are restructuring NATO’S presence on the Russian flank.  A statement was made that if chemical weapons were used it would evoke a direct response. 
  • Michael Crowley, NYT: People are offended by the reluctance to call Putin a “war criminal.”  They are leaving out Putin’s name from the war crimes statements.  (Note: They are now on the intent thing with Putin and war crimes.)
  • Mitchell: We are told that he 100,000 refugees is aspirational.  (Note: So, like so much else, this is Biden talking tough and really meaning inaction).
  • Amna Nawaz: Most of the refugees want to stay near Ukraine. 


  • Abby Phillips echoed one of the narratives being propagated on corporate news.  She asked if Zelensky was still “not satisfied” with concrete actions by the U.S.  This is a narrative creeping into the coverage, that Zelensky is somehow not grateful enough. 


  • Boris Johnson says that it is “very difficult” to give Ukraine the tanks and jets it needs.  He says that NATO and the EU feel “agony” about their “inability to do more to help.”  (Note: This is bullshit.)
  • NATO does not intend to send troops into Ukraine.
  • Russian occupiers in Kharkiv entice local collaborators to kidnap children in order to terrorize the population.

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