• Biden has made a statement, the last sentence of his speech in Poland, where he said that Putin should not be allowed to stay in power.
  • We haven’t (as far as I know) established whether this was part of the written notes for the speech or an ad lib.
  • The Russians struck Lviv again just before Biden’s speech.
  • (Note: It would make me furious were I Ukrainian for Biden to swear to defend every inch of NATO nations).


  • Zelensky: It is impossible to save Mariupol without additional tanks and planes.
  • Zelensky added that they had waited too long for the weapons.  (Note: I wholeheartedly agree).
  • Zelensky said that without more weapons, Russia could threaten Ukraine’s neighbors.  
  • After Biden’s speech, the White House tried to downplay Biden’s comment about Putin.  They said that Biden wasn’t calling for “regime change.”  (Note: I can’t imagine what he was calling for if he wasn’t).
  • The Russians have shelled an oil depot near Lviv.
  • A nuclear research reactor was hit in Kharkiv.
  • The Ukrainians are saying it’s too early to say that Russia has declined to storm Kyiv.
  • The Mariupol City Council is reporting that Russian forces deported hospital employees.


  • Russian invaders intensify abduction and terror against Ukrainian civic activists.
  • Protestors brought buckets of blood to the Russian Embassy in Prague today.  They threw the fake blood at the gates of the embassy.
  • Another general was killed in Ukraine, Russian general Yakov Rezantsev.

UKRAINE WORLD (@ukraine_world)

  • (Note: This is the best source of information about Ukraine in English.  They also have a podcast and a website).
  • Today’s podcast is “Can we negotiate with Russia?”:
  • Ukrainian philosopher Oleksiy Panych, sent an open letter to Biden.  He asks Biden to avoid illusions about the Russian people.  They are “imperial subjects” who support the actions of the Russian empire. 
  • Panych calls it a “fatal weakness” to believe that the Russian people do not support the  killing of children and the elderly.
  • “The one who refuses to believe the truth cannot win the war.”
  • Panych warns that this flawed reasoning can not only affect the outcome of the war, but also policy after the war.
  • Russians tried to pay residents of Melitopol to hold a rally today.  It was not successful.
  • Russians opened fire on peaceful protestors in Slavutych. 


  • Caitlin Johnstone (Australian) retweeted a tweet saying that in Biden’s speech, he is “admitting” that the “US has used Ukraine to foment regime change in Russia, and no amount of desperate spin can hide it.  This also explains why his admin sabotaged diplomacy pre-invasion and since.”
  • Johnstons tweeted: “…this is a proxy war deliberately instigated and perpetuated by the US empire with the goal of ousting Putin…this war is just more US regime change interventionism.”

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