• Rallies against Russian occupation in Ukraine.
  • Kidnappings of town mayors and artistic figures.

THE GUARDIAN: “Ukraine Will Not…” Maria Zolkina (3/25/22)

  • “The only scenario that is not discussed is the full restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity.”
  • The talk everywhere is that something needs to be sacrificed to appease Russia.
  • “It is impossible for Ukraine to accept any of Russia’s ultimatums.  Not the recognition of the so-called “republics” within the borders of Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts, not the annexation of Crimea,  and not the demilitarization of Ukraine.”
  • “…these concessions will not bring any security and in no way will they guarantee the withdrawal of Russian Troops.”
  • “…they can only provoke a new Russian offensive against Ukraine.”
  • The military support guaranteed in any treaty must include concrete forms of collective response, including using troops.
  • “A ceasefire is not enough.”
  • “Russia would use a ceasefire to strengthen and rearm its troops while demanding the west reduce military assistance to Ukraine.”
  • “We urgently need weapons, including air defense systems and antimissile systems.  We need sanctions, especially the refusal of EU states to purchase Russian gas and oil, and the disconnection of all Russia banks from Swift. We need western support for the independence of all Ukraine.”

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