• Foreign volunteers fight Russia in Irpin.
  • Zelensky created the International Legion in late February as a way to organize the influx of foreign volunteers.
  • The mayor of Kyiv advised residents not to return for now.
  • Ukraine is having to cut government programs to cover military expenses.
  • Russian aircraft have increased activity in Donbas.
  • European Parliament President: “Ukraine is Europe.”
  • Russia wants to create a global food crisis.  They are deliberately destroying Ukrainian granaries.
  • According to Ukrainska Pravda news outlet, almost $5 million was confiscated from a former minister under Yanukovych, who is currently wanted in Ukraine.  The sum was transferred to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.
  • 86 Ukrainian soldiers were released from Russian captivity during a second prisoner swap on April 1.
  • The Ukrainian Parliament passed a law which allows seizures of property of Russian war supporters.  The law allows confiscating property that belongs not only to the Russian state or its residents, but also to non-residents who are connected to the Russian government, deny or support Russia’s war.
  • At least $10 billion needed to restore Mariupol’s infrastructure.
  • Russian media accuses Ukraine of attacking Belgorod again.
  • Putin is surrounded by doctors including a tyroid cancer specialist.  Putin “traveled with five doctors on average in 2016-2017, according to an investigation by Project, a Russian media outlet.”
  • Georgia to implement economic sanctions against Russia.


  • Ukraine says that all Russian soldiers have left Chornobyl nuclear power plant.
  • Germany rejects Putin’s demand to pay for gas in rubles.
  • Latvia bans publicly displaying the letters “Z” and “V” in support of Russia’s invasion.
  • Putin tells foreign buyers to use rubles from tomorrow or be cut off from Russian gas.
  • A separatist leader has said that Donetsk People’s Republic will consider becoming part of Russia.


  • Zoos are evacuating animals in Ukraine.
  • Air strikes from occupied Crimea targeted critical infrastructure in Odesa.  They did not reach their goals thanks to reaction of Ukrainian air defense.
  • Russian “military police” destroy books on Ukraine history and culture in occupied territories in NE Ukraine.  There are also cases of damage to Ukrainian archives with documents about Soviet repressions and attempts to introduce Russian ed-educational programs in Melitopol.
  • Another journalist disappears while his family is “terrorized.”
  • Ukraine’s Air Forces: “Javelins are not enough to counter the dominating Russian air force, until Ukraine receives weapons to protect its sky, Russian bombs and cruise missiles will continue to destroy Ukrainian cities and kill civilians.”

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