• Jim Sciutto wins the prize of the day journalistically.  He told an interviewee that they would watch a piece of video and talk about it “after it was over” rather than “on the other side.”  Thanks God.
  • Fareed Zakaria:  saying that we must escalate in response to the Russian war crimes.  This is “rage” or it is under instructions.  A lot of women and children have fled otherwise a lot more of these dead bodies would be women and children.  The sanctions are having an effect, havoc in Russia, are they affecting Putin and his inner circle, no.  Numbers may go up to 2 or 3 million Russians trying to leave. 
  • Orban won reelection.  Orban is close to Putin.  Zakaria: “You can lose your democracy forever.”  They have elections but they are fixed and the courts are fixed, no free press.
  • Zakaria:  “It’s very disappointing.”  He has “fixed Hungarian democracy.”  They have bought it all up.  It’s right wing authoritarian populism. 
  • Panic buying in Russia, trying to get sugar and other items.
  • CNN showing a mass grave in Bucha.  They believe over 100 people buried there. 
  • Zelensky: Civilians have been decapitated and children tortured.  “This is genocide.”
  • Air strikes again in Odessa tonight.    


  • Good God, Lara Trump, is a regular on Fox News.  (Note: Jesus)


  • Anastasila Lapatina: “Russians broke into my family’s house.  Went through all our stuff.  Took mom’s computer, all her shoes, her camera….Imagine a place where you grew up and lived your best moments violated in this manner. 
  • Garry Kasparov: “The latest horrors out of Putin’s war on Ukraine put the remaining Western holdouts against stronger action in an unbearable position.  Excuses are now complicity, not prudence, not just cowardice.”
  • Occupy Democrats: Heineken announces it will exit Russia.
  • Kyle Griffin: Reuters: Ukraine has taken all areas around the capital, reclaiming complete control of the region for the first time since Russia invaded on Feb. 24.
  • Anders Aslund: 1. Ukraine should not give up anything when it is on the offensive…
  • Olga Lautman: Kick Russia out of UN Security Council. 

Ukraine Government

  • Kuleba: “Bucha massacre proves tat Russian hatred towards Ukrainians is beyond anything Europe has seen since WWII.  The only way to stop this: help Ukraine kick Russians out as soon as possible.  Partners know our needs.  Tanks, combat aircraft, heavy air defense systems.  Provide them NOW.”
  • Kuleba: “Bucha massacre was deliberate.  Russians aim to eliminate as many Ukrainians as they can. We must stop them and kick them out. I demand new devastating G7 sanctions NOW.”


  • “This is true genocide.”
  • “What if many Russians WANT atrocities like in Bucha or Mariupol?  What if they do believe that Ukrainians are “nazis” and therefore should be wiped off the face of the earth?”
  • Motyzhyn, near Kyiv.  Collective grave where the village head and her family were buried by Russians, after having been tortured and killed.

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