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  • Ukrainian filmmaker, Volodymyr Demchenko, says waiting is the most difficult part of the war.  He is waiting to be sent into the fighting.  Demchenko’s superior officer was killed today. 
  • CNN anchor is asking about Demchenko’s “emotions.”  I don’t understand why these anchors repeatedly ask about this.  There is something lurid and obnoxious about the questions.  “How do you feel?”  “What does it feel like?” “How do you handle this mentally?”  Personal interest story after personal interest story.  This is not a soap opera, it is a war.  We need information, analysis, not just personal interest stories.
  • Story of Ukrainian mayor killed with her husband and son. 
  • There was a missile strike on a train station.


  • Reports of rape in Kyiv suburbs by Russian soldiers.
  • The Foreign Minister, Kuleba, tweeted a report that a 14-year-old was raped by five men in the occupying army.  She is now pregnant.  This was in Bucha.  Another report of an 11-year-old boy raped in front of his mother who was tied to a chair to watch. Bucha. 
  • UK sent 100 million pounds worth of military equipment to Ukraine.
  • UK and Germany won’t send tanks to Ukraine reported by Politico, posted by Euromaidan.
  • A car full of Ukrainian electric workers heading to repair power lines ran over a mine.  One dead, two wounded.
  • Kramatorsk railway station hit with missile.  The hospital was unable to cope with the wounded.  “many people heavily wounded, without arms and legs, they are operated on by 30-40 surgeons at the same time.”
  • Russian soldiers risk prison or injure themselves so as not to fight in Ukraine.
  • Japan bans coal imports from Russia, expels 8 diplomats.
  • Deputy Security Council Chairman Medvedev says Western sanctions against Russia could be described as an act of international aggression.  “Earlier, he called acts of aggression one of reasons for Russia’s possible use of nuclear weapons.”
  • 132 bodies executed by shooting were found in Makarov (near Kyiv) after liberation.
  • “Several incinerated bodies of civilians, including 1 child, were found in the cellar of a house in Husarovka village (near Kharkiv) after it was liberated from Russian occupation.  Russians did this deliberately, as no houses burned.”
  • Reported rape of 9-year-old girl by 11 Russian soldiers.
  • Russian shelling has effectively wiped the village of Andriyivka (near Kyiv) off the face of the earth.
  • Russia has lost 19,000 troops in Ukraine, according to Ukraine’s General Staff.
  • While Russians were occupying Chornobyl, they destroyed documents Ukraine compiled over decades.  They also damaged and looted offices, destroyed millions of pounds worth of laboratory that provided analysis and solutions for nuclear research.
  • Russia is completing the redeployment of troops to Luhansk and is preparing for a major battle for the Ukrainian Donbas.
  • 7 April, Russian troops fired at the civilian vessel Kapitan Belousov, stationed in Mariupol. 
  • 8 April, Russian army did not allow Ukrainian humanitarian convoy to enter besieged Melitopol, they confiscated cargo together with trucks and buses.
  • Approximately 700 people have died in Chernihiv since the Russian invasion.
  • Taiwan tech firm Acer is halting all business in Russia.
  • Thousands take to the streets in Bulgaria to support Ukraine.
  • Russian banks try to circumvent sanctions. “Sberbank, VTB, Alfa-Bank, Otkrytie transfer clients’ foreign assets to brokers.  Sberbank broker transfers clients with foreign securities to BCS, Aton.”
  • Russians are attacking gas stations which are needed to provide fuel for military and agriculture.
  • Russian forces shelled Ukrainian icebreaker in Mariupol with only civilians aboard.


  • When the 23rd article of the Un Charter was formulated in 1945, the USSR was placed as a permanent member with the right to veto, and it no longer exists.  Russia is not necessarily heir to the USSR, Ukraine was the second largest country of the USSR and may legally replace it.

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