I would like to apologize to my regular customers.  I have been doing a play and therefore posts have been shorter and less frequent.  I have a week off now, so I hope to get back up to par.  Thanks for hanging in there with me. 

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  • Ali Velshi is leaving Ukraine and returning to the states.  (Note: I hope this is not a sign that the corporate media is bored with the Ukrainian disaster already.  I wouldn’t be surprised.)
  • Jim Townsend, former deputy: How good is this new commander at commanding troops.  The Russians have done GPS jamming for years.  We have to make sure Ukraine has the facility to get around the jamming.  It’s more than arms and ammunition.   
  • Issue of banning GPS services on the battlefield. 


  • Russia has begun its offensive in eastern Ukraine.

UKRAINE WORLD (@ukraine_world One of the best podcasts and twitter feeds out there)

  • Russia is attacking Ukrainian hospitals and medics.  Video.
  • Lithuania’s PM visits Ukraine.
  • Chernihiv did not fall and defended Kyiv. There is only internet connection in the city center, where people come to connect with their relatives.
  • Russians continue to attack Mariupol. Video.
  • 300,000 square km of Ukraine’s territory needs demining.  To put things in perspective, that’s half the country.
  • German defense consortium stated it was ready to send tanks to Ukraine.
  • French investigators have come to Ukraine to investigate crimes committed around Kyiv.
  • Marines defending Mariupol published an appeal that they were running out of supplies and hope for help.
  • Zelensky: “The whole European project is a target for the Russian Federation.”
  • A huge explosion reported last night in Mykolaiyiv.  (Note: Mykolayiv is north of Kherson, in this Black Sea Corridor the Russians are trying to take to cut Ukraine off from sea access.  Mykolaiv is the main shipbuilding center of the Black Sea.  The city is an important transportation hub.)
  • Putin and Lukashenka are to meet on Russian Far East to discuss Ukraine.
  • Austria’s Chancellor will come to Moscow for talks with Putin. 
  • Ukraine expects Russians to attempt to surround Ukrainian troops in eastern Ukraine.  They expect a massive engagement.
  • 33,000 people were forcibly deported to Russia and to the temporarily occupied territory of Donetsk.
  • Russia has defaulted on its foreign debt.


  • Russian forces use minors to get info on Ukrainian military positions.
  • In Kharkiv via Telegram a minor was promised money for disclosing Ukrainian positions.
  • In Luhansk Russian soldiers directly offered a 16-year-old money for info on Ukrainian troops.
  • Russian forces threaten to use chemical weapons on Mariupol.
  • Kyiv City Council plans to rename 15 streets and five metro stations now bearing Russia-related names.
  • Animals are suffering from the Russian invasion.  Private zoos all over Ukraine are evacuating their animals.
  • Canada imposed additional sanctions on 33 entities in the Russian defense sector.


  • Secret Service is claiming that their work was never compromised by the two men posing as federal law enforcement.  (Note: I think this is bullshit.)

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