In the middle of a war, Fox News spent hours doing live coverage of a defamation case between two Hollywood actors.  Hours.



  • Leon Panetta: We need to get the Ukrainians the weaponry they need.


  • The humanitarian corridor from Mariupol did not work.  Russians couldn’t get their own military to comply?
  • Russia is preparing a “pseudo-referendum” in the Kherson region. 
  • German foreign minister says that Germany will abandon imports of Russian energy by the end of the summer.
  • Russia is arranging for relatives of soldiers killed in Ukraine to come and return free of charge to identify bodies.  This is an incentive to mercenaries.
  • Russia accuses Ukrainians of refusing to be “constructive” on key issues.
  • A library is bombed in Chernihiv.
  • The acting mayor of Berdyansk says that occupying Russians are demanding “holiday” concerts on May 9.
  • At least 2,000 families let without homes in Irpin.
  • Russian propaganda is demonizing Poland.
  • “A full and immediate ban on Russian oil and gas will save Ukraine.”


  • Nuland says that NATO allies could be involved in safe passage of civilians and wounded from occupied Mariupol.
  • Russian announced the test launch an intercontinental ballistic missile.  Putin says the missile will “strengthen the combat potential” of Russia.
  • Zelensky urges the EU to impose a full embargo on Russian oil and gas.
  • Russia has announced a list of Ukrainian celebrities, influencers who are now banned from visiting Russia for 50 years.
  • Intelligence reporting that Russia may launch cyberattacks against countries supporting Ukraine.
  • US announces new sanctions against Russia.


  • Ukrainians are being made hostages by being taken to Russia against their will.
  • The US was told about the launch of the Russian missile ahead of time.


  • Russian attacks destroyed food stocks in Severodonetsk.
  • Ukrainian intelligence released intercepted conversation between Russian military indicating that they were ordered to kill Ukrainian POWs in Popasna in Luhansk.


  • James Acton: Talking about another nuclear plant in Ukraine.  Russia’s behavior was “reckless.”  A bigger danger is the operating plants.  There are various safety levels.  In a war, a failure of all of these systems together is more likely. 
  • Zaporizhzhia is an operating plant.  You need active cooling to maintain the plant. 
  • Finland is talking about joining NATO today in Parliament.


  • Lindy Li: Michael Flynn “says we should stop sending military aid to Ukraine and suggests that we should just let Russia take Ukraine.”
  • Andrew Wortman: “…he (Flynn) and his traitor brother need to be expelled from our military and indicted for treason.”
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