UKRAINE UPDATE: Security Services and Beseda





  • Russians still refuse to provide a humanitarian corridor out of Mariupol.

CEPA: Article: “Vicious blame game erupts among Putin’s security forces.” (4/25/22)

  • Recriminations are being exchanged over the failures in the war.
  • The military is evidently not happy with the scaled down plans which abandon the goal of taking the entire country of Ukraine and concentrating on the Donbas.
  • Fingers are being pointed especially at the FSB’s Foreign intelligence Branch, for misinforming Putin about the true conditions inside Ukraine that have led to failure.
  • Other branches of the FSB also blame the Foreign Intelligence Branch.
  • Immediately after the war started, journalists lost their sources.  While it was one thing to complain when the country was not at war, a war was different. 
  • This has radically changed.  Calls started to come in especially about reporting on Sergei Beseda, one of the heads of the Fifth Service of the FSB, which gathers political intelligence on Ukraine and cultivates the pro-Kremlin opposition in Kyiv. 
  • “The general was sent to the infamous Lefortovo prison in Moscow, which has had a horrible reputation since the Stalin purges – innumerable victims have been murdered in the building’s basement.”
  • “The Kremlin has made frantic efforts to hide the details of Beseda’s arrest” even going as far as the change his name in prison records.
  • Russia’s main investigative authority, the Investigative Committee, denied Beseda’s criminal prosecution.”
  • It was rumored that compromising material on Beseda was provided by a rival agency (the foreign intelligence service of the SVR).
  • This does now, however, mean that the military and intelligence services are opposed to the war, far from it.
  • They are opposed to scaling back the war as Putin is now evidently directing.
  • In short, “the military now demands all-out war.”
  • Those in the military feel that they are fighting with one hand tied behind their backs while NATO is fighting an all-out war.
  • A well-known blogger (and veteran of the National Guard) blogged in an open letter to Putin, “Are we fighting a war or masturbating.”  He demanded an escalation or ending the war.
  • There are various signs that the military wants more war rather than less.  (Note: The statement of army General Rustam Minnekaev about taking not only Southern Ukraine, but Transnistria).
  • It is thought that Sergei Shoigu has managed to keep criticism away from the military itself.  He is the Minister of Defense.
  • Members of the security services are even privately criticizing Putin.
  • This distance between Putin and the services is new and important.

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