UKRAINE UPDATE: They are trying to wipe us off the face of the earth



This is day 61 of the war on Ukraine.


  • Kuleba: Ukrainian Foreign Minister: Every day is crucial for us.  Russia is concentrating their efforts in the Donbas.  That is the real battleground.  From Kharkiv to Mariupol.  How painful it is receiving messages from the steel plant in Mariupol.  People are dying because of lack of medicine.  “It’s ruthless.”  “Russian people share the responsibility for this war.”  They share responsibility with Putin for the rapes and the looting.  “The Russian people have to awake…”  “Russian war machine must be stopped.”  “We will pay the price for the safety of the world.”


  • Clarissa Ward: When the rockets start falling the cell phone service disappears for a while.  There are equipment shortages.  “…seriously brave and resilient people…”
  • Lavrov: “The danger is serious and real.”  (Of nuclear war).
  • Austin says the U.S. wants Russia and Putin “weakened.”
  • Jim Sciutto: Austin’s words seemed to convey something more offensive than in the past.  Administration is saying no, it’s doesn’t.
  • Anchor: “It’s a shift, an important shift.”
  • The mayor of Mariupol is reporting that Russians are forcing local civilian to work mass graves for food.  Discovery of additional mass graves. 
  • The Americans want it to look like they are in lockstep with Ukraine. 


  • Lavrov warned Ukraine’s allies not to underestimate the “very significant” risk of nuclear war.
  • Germany is sending radar-equipped heavy tanks specially designed for air defense to Ukraine, a major policy reversal.
  • Two explosions have rattled Transnistria, a region of Moldova.  There were reports of explosions at a security agency building.  Ukraine’s defense intelligence agency claims that the explosions are a provocation intended to legitimate Russian military action there.
  • Kuleba is urging the establishment of an immediate ceasefire to evacuate people from Mariupol.
  • Kuleba is saying that the new Russian threats from Lavrov about nuclear war are an indication that “Moscow senses defeat in Ukraine.”
  • Lavrov accused NATO of creating a proxy war in Ukraine. 
  • There were explosions in Zaporizhzhia, a southern port city.  Ukrainians are anticipating an attack.
  • Russians have seized the City Council building in Kherson.  The Russians are expected to stage a “referendum” to bolster the appearance of dominance in the region.
  • Russian forces have captured the eastern city of Kreminna as they try to advance toward Sloviansk and Kramatorsk.
  • Fighter in Mariupol: “…they are trying to wipe us off the face of the earth.”

UKRAINE WORLD (@Ukraine_world)

  • Yesterday, Russian forces carried out 35 strikes on the Azovstal plant.
  • There were at least 200 civilians abducted from Kyiv for “exchange fund.”  Freed hostages report beatings, torture, being forced to sign something with their eyes closed.
  • Russians again attacked residential regions of Kharkiv.
  • A corridor for evacuation was announced through loudspeakers by the Russians near Azovstal.  They then launched an artillery strike.
  • Reports of Russians taking women and threatening to kill their children if they don’t reveal military positions of Ukraine’s forces.
  • Reporting from Christo Grozev: The two most powerful AM transmitters in Europe were in Transnistria and Russia was using them to cover Ukraine with propaganda.  They were bombed with no casualties. 


  • It is impossible to restore electricity to a third of residents in Donetsk.
  • Poland sanctions Gazprom, Russian and Belarusian oligarchs. 


  • Fires at Russian oil depots not far from the Ukraine border.
  • The goal of Russian forces at the moment seems to be to establish full control over the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk and to establish a land route with the occupied Crimea.
  • Russians are attacking railway junctions to prevent supplies from coming in.
  • They are using strategic bombers, ships and submarines to launch missiles and conduct bomb strikes on military and civilian infrastructure.
  • Russian forces seem to be trying to blockade Kharkiv.

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