• The bridge across the Siversky Donets Riber has been blown up along with Russian rail cars, making it impossible for Russian troops to go by rail to the city of Lyman.
  • Spotters have been arrested in Kyiv.  They had been taking photographs of the damage done by the Russian shelling and sending it to Russian contacts.
  • Police say Russian troops tortured, killed combat medic.
  • There are fuel shortages in some regions of Ukraine.
  • Ukraine reports 243 Russian crimes against journalists since February 24.
  • 7 journalists have been killed, 15 missing, 14 died as combatants or from Russian shelling when they weren’t on duty, 9 were wounded and 8 journalists were abducted.
  • Kyiv residents are asked not to drive private transport due to fuel shortages.
  • Russian troops step up “filtration” in Mariupol.
  • Russian occupiers abducted two British volunteers in Ukraine.


  • Russian submarine struck Ukraine with cruise missiles.
  • Zelensky:  Talking about the Russian servicemen who tortured and killed civilians, “Some will wait for the international court and some will wait for night.”
  • Dozens of Buryats and Chechens started a skirmish after they couldn’t agree on sharing stolen goods near Kherson.  (Note: Buryats come from one of the poorest regions of Russia and one of the few alternatives for the young is to join the military.  It is estimated that around 50 Buryats have been killed in Ukraine.  The wider Russian population tends to care less about Buryat or Chechen deaths).
  • Article about Buryats and the Ukraine war.
  • Russian troops are preparing an offensive in Severodonetsk direction.  They also make additional pontoon bridges over Siverskyi Donets to bring reinforcements to the Izium direction.  Some of the Mariupol troops are being brought to the southern frontline.
  • The first cargo of Ukrainian corn since the Russian invasion has been loaded for export in Romania.
  • Russian military seized the Melitopol museum, found where Scythian gold was stored and most likely stole it.  Treasures stolen from Kyiv cathedrals in the 1930s were discovered in Moscow State Historical Museum.
  • Russian army strong-arms Kherson farmers to give up 70% of their harvest to Russia.  They are stealing and transporting grain and agricultural machinery.
  • The Russian offensive in the east has stalled.  Russian forces are concentrating in an attempt to take Mykolaiv.  Proxy forces began covert mobilization in Transistria region.
  • Journalist Vira Hyrych has died in an air strike of her apartment building in Kyiv.

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