UKRAINE UPDATE: Medical collapse and Belarus



THE GUARDIAN, 6/4/22, Russian man accused of assassinating Alexander Litvinenko dies in Moscow.

  • In 2006, former spy Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned with a radioactive isotope polonium 210 at a London Hotel.
  • The polonium used to assassinate Litvinenko was found in all the hotel rooms where the assassins had stayed in London.
  • A British inquiry found that Litvinenko was murdered in an operation of the FSB and probably approved by Putin.
  • Litvinenko was dismissed from the FSB after publicly criticizing the security services’ connection to organized crime.
  • He also claimed that the FSB was responsible for the bombing of apartment blocks in Moscow in 1999, a campaign that helped consolidate power for Putin.
  • Dmitry Kovtun was one of two men accused of assassinating Litvinenko.  He is now dead.
  • Russia refused to extradite him to Britain for trial.
  • Books: A Very Expensive Poison by Luke Harding; Blowing Up Russia by Felshtinsky and Alexander Litvinienko; Death of a Dissident: The Poisoning of alexander Litvinenko and the Return of theKGB by Boutsikaris and Goldfarb, et. al; The Litvinenko File: The Life and Death of a Russian Spy by Martin Sixsmith.
  • Video: Poisoned by Polonium


  • Over 1,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been transported to Russia for investigation.
  • This is a potential bargaining position by the Russians hoping to exchange these soldiers for those held by the Ukrainians.


  • Pro-Russian sentiments are “mainstream in large parts of Africa.”
  • For many years Moscow has been cultivating ties with African leaders.
  • Some of the support comes from anti-western sentiments.  Russia has een accused of amplifying those grievances.
  • Resentments are also stoked by the narrative that the west cares more about Ukraine than other tragedies unfolding in Africa.
  • Putin is it argued by pan-Africanists “doesn’t have the blood of slavery on his hands.”
  • Russia has supplied weapons to “authoritarian leaders.”
  • The Wagner group has propped up authoritarian leaders in Mali, Central African Republic and DRC.


  • Ukrainian MP accused of treason to be expelled from parliament.  Oleksiy Kovalyov, a lawmaker with Zelensky’s party, went to Kherson and publicly supported the Russian occupation.
  • New Russian offensive prepared on Sloviansk on the Donbas.
  • Lack of medicine is hampering Ukrainian efforts in Kherson.
  • Odesa resident sentenced to 8 years for providing Russian forces with information.
  • Mariupol is facing a “medical collapse.”
  • 100,000 Ukrainians are trapped in occupied Mariupol without utilities, food or water.
  • New activity from military in Belarus.
  • A train carrying stolen Ukrainian grains from Melitopol heads to Crimea.
  • Russia is trying to convince families of sunken cruiser Moskva from disclosing any information regarding the deaths of their relatives.
  • Rising social tension in Russia reported.
  • Zelensky announces a “Book of Executioners” to detail war crimes.


  • In Melitipol, there is talk of fake referendums.
  • 400 million people around the world are dependent on Ukrainian food.
  • Ukraine’s armed forces may leave Sievierodonestsk.

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