Ukraine Update: 2:00 PM

Monday 28 February 2022

  • There are a lot of pledges but how long will it take for the Ukrainians to actually receive this aid.
  • Jonathan Lemiire, MSNBC, making the point that it is difficult to get weapons into Ukraine now.  That is why Zelensky was arguing for doing this arming and sanctioning before the invasion.
  • Lemire is now repeating the “questions about Putin’s rationality.”
  • This “Putin is a madman” narrative has been created by corporate media.
  • There is repeated praise of Biden for “bringing NATO together.”  NATO “coming together” may well be a response to the knowledge that Americans can no longer be relied upon.  Trump is likely to be back in office in 2024 and they can’t afford to rely on the United States.  As usual, Joe Scarborough is touting a “Major success for Joe Biden and the administration.” 
  •  The corporate media is sanitizing the war in Ukraine by refusing to show dead and mutilated bodies.  The news media is supposed to be there to show the reality of war, not a fictionalized portrayal that makes it appear like a video game.
  • There is a narrative being pushed on the internet about Ukrainians not caring about black citizens, almost uniformly single men working in Ukraine.  The posts show a video of Ukrainians trying to get on trains to leave Ukraine, especially Kyiv.  They are young black men.  The twitter narrative is that Ukrainians are fascists who don’t care about immigrants and black people.  In fact, the Ukrainians were trying to get women and children and elderly people out of Kyiv.  The fact that they were refusing to allow young men to board trains was because of that.
  •  In addition, in the video I saw, these young men were pushing and shoving people out of the way attempting to get a place on the train.  Cultures differ greatly in the way they access public services.  Some cultures push and shove to get on trains, other cultures wait in line.
  • Richard Haas on MSNBC this moring was talking about the fact that many people have been disappointed by the Israeli response to condemning the Russian invasion.  But, Haas notes, the Israelis think their relationship with Russia is more important than their relationship with Ukraine, or in the end, the U.S.  The Russians and the Israelis have evidently come to some kind of agreement to keep Israel out of the Syrian conflict.
  • It strikes me as ironic that NATO refused to allow Ukraine to join and then uses the fact that Ukraine is not a NATO member to justify not helping them fight off an invasion.
  • The Biden administration made a decision early on not to commit US troops to the fight.  Not only did they make that decision, they announced it to the world, thus taking a bargaining chip off the table in a truly Obamian unilateral capitulation.

Ukraine World is reporting

  • Canada has prevented financial entities from doing business with the Russian Central Bank, effectively immediately.
  • Ukrainian delegation members have demanded that Russia withdraw all its troops including those in Crimea and districts of the Donbas. 
  • The Russians have used a “vacuum bomb’ on an oil depot in Okhtyrka Sumy region, in northern Ukraine.  Its use has been prohibited by the Geneva Conventions.
  • We need an immediate embargo on oil and gas from Russia. 
  • Russia is targeting civilian areas of Kyiv.

Other sources:

  • After the curfew was lifted, people in Kiev were out at stores trying to find food and supplies.
  • I heard one woman comment that a few days ago she was out having coffee at a café in the street. Now, she’s not sure she can find enough food to survive.

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