Luke Harding: “another day of bloodshed and horror.”  @lukeharding1968


  • US thinks Putin could try to interfere in American elections (AGAIN?). 
  • (Note: Why would they not?  Nobody did anything last time except Obama giving Putin a strong: “Cut it out.”  I’m sure Putin was quivering in his boots.)
  • Six men executed in one town, according to Clarissa Ward.
  • There is an eight mile convoy near Kharkiv.  Intensification of shelling.  11 civilians killed including one seven-year-old child.
  • Kinzinger is calling for a change in strategy on Ukraine.  “We cannot allow Ukraine to lose.”


  • Gen. Kellogg: This fight in eastern Ukraine will be different from that of Kyiv. The Ukrainians need more weapons.  He doesn’t know why they haven’t gotten them.

TWITTER: Luke Harding @lukeharding1968

•          (Note: Harding is an essential source of reporting and reading.)

•          Russia is using drone-dropped chemical weapons to wipe out the last remaining Ukrainian army resistance inside Mariupol. 

  • Those impacted by chemical dropped from drone hae respiratory failure, vestibuloatactic syndrome.
  • Vladmir Kara-Murza has been arrested in Moscow.  The FSB has already poisoned him twice.
  • Kara-Murza told Harding that the West ignored repeated warnings from him and Boris Nemtsov of Putin’s malign intensions.  “An iron curtain has descended.  I woke up in my Moscow flat one day and there was no Twitter, Facebook, Echo Moskyv and Novaya Gazeta.  Truthful information has ended.”
  • Harding visited towns outside Kyiv that were occupied.  “They made him kneel and shot him.  His was a cold, pitiless extinction. In the cellar was a bloody mattress.” This is what one woman told Harding.
  • Taras Shevchenko, Ukrainian poet, has a monument In Kyiv.  It is boarded up.  At another Shevchenko monument the Russians had shot the statue in the head.  “what’s happening here is an attempt to erase Ukraine wholescale – its people and culture.”
  • “another day of bloodshed and horror.”

TWITTER: Anders Aslund

  • Reports that the chemical used was sarin.  This just after Putin appointed the “butcher of Syria.”  US has promised though NATO action.  Deliver.

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