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•          Satellite imagery seems to indicate that Russians are digging mass graves and trying to hide the number of civilians who have been killed in Mariupol.

•          Evacuation efforts are being stymied.


•          It’s day 57 in the war against Ukraine.

•          Mariupol. Putin says that it has been “liberated.”  Putin was shown receiving news that Mariupol was liberated.  The reception of the information was called “stage-managed television.”  The Russians are saying they will not storm the steel plant.  Putin is claiming a win and saying that by not storming the steel plant, they will not have excessive bloodshed.  This for domestic consumption, to claim some sort of victory before celebrations on May 9.

•          The analysts say that the Russians are going to lose too many men and equipment trying to take the steel plant.  The plant is tactically irrelevant.  They are pressing it because of the symbolic value.

• Through public statements, Putin is preparing his defense in public against international war crimes charges.

•          Ukraine saying that they will try to strike the Crimea bridge.  This is the longest bridge? In Europe.

•          Mykolaiv: Mykolaiv, on the route to Odesa, is under extreme pressure but not yet occupied by Russians.  Russian forces tried to go around Mylokaiv to get to Odesa but were repulsed.  There are severe water shortages.  The city has been under shelling, heavy shelling for weeks.  Russians are threatening that if they do not surrender they will suffer the fate of Mariupol.  The Mayor says that the Russian troops are under-motivated. 

•          Russian missile launched yesterday: As the situation gets more desperate, we can expect a further threatening of nuclear warheads.  Putin described missile as a “present to NATO.”  Putin claims that it is capable of overcoming all modern anti-missile efforts.  It is, he said “food for thought.” 

•          Putin needs to build the narrative that the war is going well before the May 9 parade in Moscow.

•          At the end of WWII, as the war was increasingly going badly for Germany, Hitler became convinced that the way forward was to sink millions into science and modern warfare.  He believed that this could reverse the war in one stroke.  The result was a technical disaster, shortage of resources, military equipment.  The allies stuck for the most part with conventional weapons.  There are parallels in Ukraine.  Russia is looking toward more advanced forms of warfare that could show NATO who’s boss.  It’s a mistake.  It’s a mistake they made during the cold war. 

•          These weapons could cause massive explosions. 


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