After a speech by Zelensky at the G20 meeting in Bali, Russia launched the largest missile attack on Ukraine since the beginning of the war in February.  At least one of those missiles, hit Poland.

There is the expected hand wringing in the U.S.  Oh, we don’t know if Putin did this intentionally.  Missiles can go off course.  Perhaps it was a missile malfunction. 

But, as a former assistant to Zelensky has said, if Putin is allowed to get away with this without consequences, he will do it again.  And, there is something absurd to me about saying it’s O.K. for Putin to bomb he living hell out of Ukraine, but not if they fire three feet into Poland. 

I am tired of it.  I am tired of and I will never ever get used to living in a society where there is no accountability.  Trump and company ran a five year scam operation out of the White House and conducted a coup and there is no response, no accountability.  There is no criminal justice system left in this country for rich and powerful people.  Equality before the law is a cruel joke, a cereal box saying. 

There is no accountability for Trump and company and no accountability for Putin.  What kind of a culture have we become?  Half of the voters in Georgia voted for Hershel Walker.  Hershel, f…ing Walker.  What kind of society?

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