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Want to listen to a different take on the crisis in Venezuela?

PODCAST: Revolutionary Left Radio

“Venezuela In Crisis: Defending the Bolivarian Revolution.”

George Ciccariello-Maher is a writer, radical political theorist, and currently Associate Professor of Politics and Global Studies at Drexel University in Philadelphia. He has taught radical theory and politics at Drexel, U.C. Berkeley, San Quentin State Prison, and the Venezuelan School of Planning in Caracas. He holds a B.A. in Government and Economics from St. Lawrence University, a B.A. Hons. and M.A. in Social and Political Sciences from St. John’s College, University of Cambridge, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Political Science from U.C. Berkeley.

His first book, a history of revolutionary movements in Venezuela entitled We Created Chávez: A People’s History of the Venezuelan Revolution, was published by Duke University Press in 2013. He recently published a short follow-up on the political dynamics of the post-Chávez era entitled Building the Commune: Radical Democracy in Venezuela (Jacobin-Verso, 2016). His third book, Decolonizing Dialectics, will be published in early 2017, also by Duke University Press.



And Now He’s With Trump?

roger 2  Roger Stone published a book about the Bush Family’s corruption, dirty dealings, sweetheart financial deals and bad behavior.  And, now, he’s with Trump?

“Bush Crime Family: The Inside Story of an American Dynasty.”  “The Making of the President  2016.”

Roger Stone, Anthony Scaramucci, Donald Trump – these are people who have no principles.  They want more than anything else to be famous, or infamous, they don’t care.  They want to be the darlings of the media, bad little boys and they think they are so very cute.  They aren’t serious people. They are acting parts, playing games and endangering people’s lives.   They have to be stopped.

“Don’t confuse Roger Stone with the character I play,” Mr. Stone said with a chuckle in an interview with the New York Times in 2017.

This is not a game.




Roger Stone


I haven’t been able to make myself watch the HBO film on Roger Stone, but I did listen to part of a program on Fresh Air about Stone, which was depressing enough.  Stone, evidently, has been planning Trump’s run for the presidency since at least 1997.

Fresh Air.  “Following the Man who Created President Trump.”  July 13, 2017.  HBO.  “Get Me Roger Stone.”

Things I’m Thinking About Today, Tuesday 25 July 2017

Things I’m thinking about today:

  • how John McCain can keep a straight face while posing as a hero when he came back to Congress to move forward the Republican take away of health care for the rest of the country;
  • why the Democrats are allowing Manafort, Trump, Jr. and Kushner to testify in private.



One of the Things I’m Thinking About Tonight.

  •  Trump is signaling that if Mueller goes into his (Trump’s) finances, Mueller will be exceeding his mandate as Special Counsel (which Trump spells as Council).  This means that the Trump Administration is going to claim that Mueller should be fired for going outside his mandate.  The right-wing media has evidently been backing him up on this line of argument.