What We’re Thinking About This Morning

trump 4 Joe Scarborough is scratching his head this morning wondering how the Republicans could be thinking about passing a tax bill that is so clearly unpopular, so clearly a hand out to their donors and so clearly will hurt their constituents.  Not much to wonder about.  The Trump base does not read, does not think critically, and believes everything Fox News and the Trump Administration tells them.  And, the administration has been all over television telling the base that the tax bill will benefit them.  Nothing to wonder about.  What everybody should be wondering about is how we are going to deal with a country going forward that has been so propagandized and which evidently contains at least 33% of people who are so ignorant they can’t even distinguish between fact and fiction.  That’s what Morning Joe and every other talk show should be discussing. 

Tax Dollars Pay for Sexual Harassment

jackie spier  


Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif) has given a statement that the House of Representatives used taxpayer money to pay $15 million dollars for harassment settlements over more than a decade.  The Office of Compliance (OOC) between 1997 and 2016, has paid off settlements including complaints relating to sexual harassment, but also racial and religious discrimination as well as discrimination against people with disabilities.  The spokesperson for the (OOC) office said in a statement: “The OOC does not currently provide any breakdown for the type of discrimination payments made, the amounts of individual payments, or even the offices that the complaints generate from.”

My comment is: “How convenient.”  My questions is “Why not?”

The money to pay for these harassment complaints comes out of a special fund operated by the Treasury Department.

I intend to phone the office of (Not my) Buddy Carter and ask if he was involved in any of these settlements.  I suggest you do the same for your representative.



Things We’re Thinking About This Morning

Roy Moore

Roy Moore is the top of the news this morning.  Donny Deutsch, on Morning Joe, is predicting that if no other women come forward, Roy Moore will be elected in Alabama.  I think he’s probably right.  Nicole Wallace pointed out that this is going to be a test for the right-wing media.  Brietbart has already defended Moore and Fox News as well.  Wallace is talking about the “depravity” of the right-wing media.  And, in right-wing circles, electing a Democrat has become more offensive than electing a deviant.

Mike Flynn

There are as yet no indictments in the Flynn case.  Does this mean he’s cooperating?


We are also waiting for a verdict in the Menendez bribery case.

Donna Brazile

I can’t stop thinking about Donna Brazile and the utterly embarrassing interviews she has given over the past week.  The one on Morning Joe was just painful.  Nobody I can come up with has an explanation for what she’s doing.  Yesterday, on Twitter, people were even speculating that she has had a minor stroke.

Brazile and Rove Photograph



Story of the Day: Mueller


Mueller Going Too Easy on Manafort and Gates

This is probably one of the most important stories of the day.  The federal judge hearing the Manafort/Gates bail issue has questioned federal prosecutors from Mueller’s office about why they are being so lenient on Manafort and Gates.

Everybody in the universe of Cable News has been lauding Mueller and talking about his integrity and deluding themselves into thinking that Mueller is going to save us.  I am not so sure.  Mueller is one person, conducting one investigation and the overwhelming pressure will be to paper over this, gloss over it, prevent too great a shock to the masses (us).  Remember that Congress decided in their infinite wisdom not to impeach Reagan for the Iran/Contra affair because they thought the country couldn’t take it.  We must put pressure everywhere we can to prosecute this and not just rely on Mueller.  What I think the country can’t take is to have yet another massive scandal swept under the carpet.

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