Trump was Organizing a Propaganda Campaign: Against the American People

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Yet another impeachable offense.  What Trump and Giuliani (and Sondland, Perry and Volker) were organizing was a covert propaganda campaign designed to fool the American people.  And, Republicans are fighting for their right to do so.  This article by Asha Rangappa, a former FBI agent, explains the most important point of the Ukraine dirt for money scandal.


Running Covert Propaganda Against Americans Is Illegal. Trump Tried It Anyway.



They Were Chosen Because They Were Sleaze


One of the main reasons we are in such a disastrous position politically in this country is the corporate media.  The corporate media gave Trump tens of millions of dollars of free airtime in the 2016 election, did not cover (and have still not adequately covered) Trump’s extensive criminal financial background and associations, and continues to normalize his criminal behavior and that of his minions.

Tuesday night, I tuned in to watch part of Nicolle Wallace’s program and found her and her panel constructing a narrative that US Ambassador to the EU, Gordan Sondland was basically a good guy who had wanted to be an ambassador for years.  As they spun the story, Sondland had worked so hard to get the job as an ambassador.  Sondland was just so thrilled to have been appointed, he wanted badly to please the Trump administration.  The poor inexperienced man was caught between Trump and Giuliani and was just trying to do the right thing for Ukraine.  Poor soul.  It was all just another example of how good people get ruined when they associate with Donald Trump.

There are so many things wrong with this narrative, I don’t know where to begin.  First, there is no evidence to support this fiction. Sondland didn’t work hard to get appointed ambassador.  He bought the position with a $1 million contribution to Trump’s campaign.  There is no evidence in the text messages and cables that Sondland cared one whit about doing the right thing for Ukraine.  He cared about assisting the “drug deal” that Trump, Guiliani and the rest of them were putting together.  Sondland knew what he was doing was wrong because he tried to cover it up by asking Volker to communicate with him over the phone rather than in writing about the plot.  Gordon Sondland is not a good person who got caught up in a criminal enterprise.  He was chosen because he was and is just the sort of person who would happily get involved in a criminal enterprise.

But, corporate media stars like Nicolle Wallace, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski will white-wash all the major players in this running transnational scandal.  They have done so for years.

Scarborough and Brzezinski were called “supporters” by Trump himself and were celebrating at Mar-a-lago after the election.  They only broke with Trump after he outed their adulterous affair.  Nicolle Wallace spent months castigating all the Trump administration members who didn’t quit their jobs in the White House.  She, however, worked for George W. Bush and Dick Cheney who lied us into a war that killed almost 5,000 American and God knows how many Iraqis.  Wallace was on television just after Bret Kavanaugh delivered a contrived temper tantrum at the end of his confirmation hearings.  Wallace felt sorry for him, fell for it hook-line-and sinker.  Scarborough spent months before the Mueller report came out telling us that our “institutions continue to hold.”  This morning, Brezezinski told the MSNBC audience that Sen. Kennedy (sucks being this dumb) was a “good guy” and had allowed himself to be drawn into Trump’s sleaze.

These people are not good people who have been drawn into anything.  Most of them were chosen because they were the same sort of sleaze Trump is.  Others went into this with their eyes open, so craven they didn’t care what they were agreeing to.  They all deserve contempt, ridicule, impeachment, many of them prosecution, and shunning.

These people were immoral scum before Trump even thought about running for office and they will be immoral scum after he leaves.  People like Mitch McConnell and William Barr are not “good guys.”  They are dangerous men, willing to do anything, anything to maintain this shot at permanent power they have carved out around Donald Trump.

When people like Wallace and Scarborough and Brzezinski try to absolve them of guilt and weave fictional narratives explaining their behavior, they become enablers of this attempt to overthrow and crush democracy.

Ukraine, Trump and the Corporate Media: It’s All a Coincidence

One of the reasons we are where we are politically is the corporate media.  They consistently refuse to admit reality even when it is staring them in the face.

Pundits are still asking people whether there was a “quid pro quo” in the July 25 call even when this fact is obvious to anyone who has read the memo about the call released by the White House itself and doctored to make them look good.

Last night, on Rachael Maddow, a reporter from the NYT refused to connect the dots revealed by his own reporting that show that the Trump administration clearly engaged in extorting the Ukrainian government to engage in activities to benefit them.

The Ukrainian government stopped investigations into the criminal activities of Paul Manafort at a time when they were desperately trying to get weapons out of the Trump administration, but since we don’t have an incontrovertible video tape of Trump holding a bag of money and saying the actual words – drop the investigations or we will withhold support – all this just might be a coincidence.  Right.

In the reporter’s own story, he characterizes the Trump administration’s relationship with Ukraine as “transactional.”  This is a term repeatedly used by the corporate media to frame Trump’s illegal behavior as that of “a real estate mogul unfamiliar with government.”

In the article, the NYT reports that Ukraine’s former president, Poroshenko, implemented “trade deals that were politically expedient for Mr. Trump,” scheduled meetings with Giuliani, froze “potentially damaging criminal cases,” and attempted to “use the former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort as a back channel.”  But, I’m sure all that was just coincidence.

After these actions, Trump reversed an Obama-era moratorium on sales of lethal weapons to Ukraine.  At the end of 2017, while the Ukrainian government was trying to get approval of the sale of Javelin anti-tank weapons, Poroshenko’s prosecutor general, Lutsenko, began freezing cases relevant to the Mueller investigation, including an inquiry tracing millions of dollars that Ukrainian political figures paid to Mr. Manafort.”  But, I’m sure all this was just coincidence.

Allies of Poroshenko reached out to Manafort trying to curry favor.  Poroshenko sent officials to arrange through Rick Perry and Wilbur Ross, a deal to buy tens of millions in coal.  This was designed to help out Trump with the coal industry.  But I’m sure that was just coincidence.  This was just the first of three similar deals.

In another $1 billion deal in early 2018, GE was signed to build locomotives and retrofit aging Ukrainian train systems.  Westinghouse Electric signed another deal to supply nuclear fuel to Ukraine.

Poroshenko hired the BGR lobbying firm in 2017, led by former Republicans National Committee chairman Haley Borbour.  And an envoy they sought who worked for the lobbying firm, Kurt Volker, agreed to work for the Trump administration for free.

Ukrainian law enforcement had allowed a potentially key witness in the Mueller investigation, Kontantin V. Kilimnik, to escape to Russia.  He is believed to have ties to Russian intelligence.  But, all of this was evidently just coincidence.

The corporate media will normalize this rampant transnational crime spree until we make them stop it.  We must make them stop it.

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