Things I’m Thinking About Tonight

jimmy carter

Jimmy Carter, the Republican Tax Bill and Citizen’s United

This is a quote from an interview with Jimmy Carter after the Supreme Court decision in Citizen’s United

“As the rich people finance the campaigns, when candidates get in office they do what the rich people want. And that’s to let the rich people get richer and richer and the middle class get left out. All the statistics show that the middle class are stagnant or going down in their income for the work that they do.”


Your Republican Party at Work for You: Bob Corker

bob corker

Bob Corker says he has no idea how a provision that would benefit him financially got into the new Republican Tax bill.  Really?  That’s the best he can come up with?

Also, he says he hasn’t read the bill.  Congresspersons who haven’t read the bill shouldn’t be voting on it.  Do you think perhaps Bob Corker and the rest will stay in Washington over the Christmas holiday and read the bill?  I don’t think so.

Things I Am Thinking About Tonight


Roy Moore

It is highly possible that the State of Alabama will vote today to send Roy Moore to the Senate.  Whenever I hear people say: “Do they think the people in the state of Alabama are stupid?”  I want to scream.  “People in the state of Alabama are stupid.”  And, I know.  I am from Georgia.  I grew up in a cotton manufacturing town right on the Georgia/Alabama line.  Even in the 1950s my mother was saying that we should push the state of Alabama off into the ocean and abandon it.  Roy Moore is not the exception to the rule in Alabama.  He is the rule.

As an adult, I again lived in Alabama for a while, when I moved back to the South to take care of my aging parents.  The legal system in Alabama has progressed little since the 1940s.  If you ask questions or speak as if you had a brain and any sense of the rights of citizens in a civilized society, legal officials get immediately suspicious and ask if you are a lawyer, or worse, an outside agitator.

It is time to stop whining about the poor southern working class, left behind by the economy, alienated.  It is time to stop planning to reach out to these people, to make concessions to bring them back into the fold.  We don’t want them in the fold.  They are bigots.  They are racists.  They are ignorant.  They are gleefully uninformed.  They have no interest in facts or truth, and they live in an ideologically closed world.  We must leave them behind, not cater to them.

Fox News and the Republican party helped create them and we must leave Fox News and the Republican party behind with them.

Fox News

While I’m on the subject of Fox News, the state propaganda channel, Fox News is putting their pundits out full force to defend Trump against the tightening net of the Russia investigation.  Jeanine Pirro has even gone so far as call for the “cleansing” of law enforcement agencies who are daring to investigate Trump.  She called for the whole bunch of law enforcement officials investigating Trump to be arrested.  She even called Comey a “political whore” on her show.

Pirro: “There is a cleansing needed in our FBI and Department of Justice — it needs to be cleansed of individuals who should not just be fired, but who need to be taken out in cuffs!”

Impeachment: Ezra Klein

This is a great podcast by journalist for VOX, Ezra Klein.  He is making the case for using impeachment.  He is arguing that people have an almost superstitious fear of impeachment and that the consequences in this instance of NOT impeaching are dire.




Podcast on Eric Prince

Summary from the Intercepted Podcast site:

Erik Prince is the most infamous mercenary in modern U.S. history. The Blackwater founder has also served as Donald Trump’s shadow adviser and secret emissary. This week on Intercepted, an exclusive interview with Rep. Jan Schakowsky, who has fought a decadeslong battle against Erik Prince. Host Jeremy Scahill, who wrote the book on Blackwater, analyzes the news that Prince established a back channel for Trump and Vladimir Putin and, as Trump meets with China’s leader at Mar-a-Lago, outlines Prince’s latest venture with Beijing. On the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s militant speech against the Vietnam War, television host and author Tavis Smiley talks about the “Santa Clausification” of Dr. King and explains why he would not be allowed to speak at his own memorial events today. Rep. Barbara Lee reflects on her own historic speech, delivered three days after 9/11, when she was the only member of Congress to oppose the blank check given to Bush and Cheney to wage an unchecked war on the world. And Vice President Mike Pence, who says he can’t be alone in a room with a woman who is not his wife, gets the Norman Bates treatment.


Things We’re Thinking About This Morning

  • The anchor on MSNBC is asking whether Democrats should get credit for forcing Al Franken out of the Senate because their motives were political.  What?  What?  The Democrats were being criticized for not forcing Franken out and now they are being criticized for not having pure enough motives for doing so?  Has absolutely everybody gone bat shit crazy?
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