Your Republican Party at Work for You: Let’s Protect Puppy Mills



The ASPCA is alerting Georgia citizens that on Monday, puppy mill lobbyists will be trying to pass an amendment to a bill in the Georgia house.  This amendment(to HB 876) will “prevent local governments from banning the sale of puppy mill puppies in existing pet stores.”  These Puppy mills, according to the ASPCA “are cruel breeding facilities that prioritize profits over the health and wellbeing of animals.  Dogs in these operations are often kept in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions without adequate veterinary care, food, water or socialization.”

Republicans who support the amendment advertise themselves as supporting local control, but this amendment prevents local communities from deciding that they don’t want their pet stores to sell these cruelly treated animals.

Please phone: Lieutenant Gov. Georgia Casey Cagle.  You can leave a message on the weekend, or phone Monday.  (404) 656-5030.  You can also contact your local representative and senator.


Things I’m Thinking About This Morning: the House Intelligence Committee, Tillerson and Muhammed bin Salman


Hose Intelligence Committee

The Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee have announced that they are shutting down the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. While this is not surprising, the timing is interesting.  There are already reports in the press that Trump orchestrated the sudden announcement and virtually dictated the “no collusion” statement.

Everybody in punditdom is saying that the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee will be embarrassed in the future for their actions. They are incapable of being embarrassed.  The real question is why they are beholden and I’m still holding out for the explanation that they have taken tons of Russian money.


Trump has fired Rex Tillerson just hours after Tillerson made an unequivocal statement about Russian involvement in the poisoning in Britain.  Reports are that Tillerson was not even informed he was being fired.


The polls are predicting a win for the Democrats in Pennslyvania’s 18th district. The Republicans sunk an estimated $10 million to save this seat even though the district will most probably disappear when redistricting rules are implemented.

The Democratic candidate in Pennlyvania has run to the right of most Democrats.  He made a campaign ad with himself shooting a semiautomatic rifle and he’s personally opposed to abortion.  He supports Trump’s proposed steel tariffs.  If he wins, this will embolden the DNC in their attempt to continue to run non-progressive candidates arguing that they are the only ones that can win.

Trump couldn’t help gloating that he won the Pennsylvania district by 22 points, paving the way for excusing himself if Rick Saccone loses.


John Kasich’s critique of Donald Trump in the face of all this news: Trump just “thinks differently.”  What a weasel.

Saudi Arabia

Muhammed bin Salman is supposed to visit the United States this week.  His rise to power and his moves since coming to power are fascinating.

Little Neal



Things I’m Thinking About Tonight

IMG_1547Who the hell are these young women standing behind Trump in Pennsylvania? They are holding up “Women for Trump” signs, bouncing up and down like cheerleaders on the sidelines, cheering everything Trump says and making heart shaped signs with their hands.  Who are these people?  What kind of dumb are they from?  When Trump turns around, they bounce up and down smiling and screaming, trying to get his attention, like fans at a 1950s Elvis concert.  It’s revolting, just revolting.  It reminds me of how much women in Germany loved Hitler.  Good God.

  • Elizabeth Warren is getting some hate tweeting over the fact that she dared to mention that 16 Senate Democrats voted with the Republicans to advance a bill which would erode restrictions on banks put in place in response to the 2008 financial crisis. Warren was quoted in an article in the intercept: “Just this week we lost the first round in the battle of a bad banking bill — a bill that would take the reins off of Wall Street’s most reckless actors and put as greater risk of another financial crisis. When I saw a handful of my Democratic colleagues vote for it, it felt like a stab in the heart. Not for me, but for all the homeowners who were cheated and all the taxpayers who bailed out those banks. That is wrong.”
  • “Saying Democrats are helping to roll back rules on big banks doesn’t make me the most popular kid on the team,” Warren wrote in a Medium post on Thursday, adding that she has been “taking heat from fellow Democrats” since she called them out earlier this week. “But Massachusetts didn’t send me here to fight for big banks. The people of Massachusetts sent me here to fight for them.”
  • See the following articles: Elizabeth Warren Says Democratic Votes for Wall Street This Week are a “Stab in the Heart.” Kate Aronoff, March 9, 2018. The Intercept and Common Dreams, “Democrats Who don’t like being criticized by Elizabeth Warren…” March 9, 2018, Jake Johnson
  • Thank somebody, Trump has finished this diatribe in Pennsylvania.  He couldn’t help attacking Warren, Maxine Waters (Have you seen her?  She’s a low I.Q. individual) and even Oprah.  He said that he hoped she ran against him.  And, he claims to know her weak spot.  “That would be a painful experience for her.” Trump threatens.  Lovely, just lovely.

Things I’m Thinking About



Things I’m Thinking About

  • Nicole Wallace admitted this week that she used to watch Fox News exclusively.  I have a hard time understanding how anybody sane could have watched Fox News exclusively much less why they would admit it on national television.
  • Joe Scarborough announced last week that he believed God has a special relationship with the United States.
  • Donna Brazille continues to work for the DNC and be interviewed on television as if she’s a credible person even though she lied repeatedly and publicly about passing on a question for the debates to Hillary Clinton
  • Howard Dean couldn’t keep himself from taking a cheap nasty swipe at Bernie Sanders about some Australian volunteers.  Vice News ran a headline saying that Sanders “colluded” with the Australians.  The reality, however, is that some Australian volunteers worked for the Sanders campaign and the FEC later ruled that stipends they received from their government were campaign contributions.  Sanders paid the FEC.
  • The Democratic Party apparatus is attacking their own progressive candidates.